Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the highlight of my day.

so i was getting my occasional after-work cocktail at the bar car.
i order my usual - vodka and soda with a lemon. the drink guy (hardly a real bartender, right?) asked me, with all the seriousness of a protective father, "are you 21?"
i had to laugh and i admitted, "try 31! ...in a month!". And he said back, completely sarcastic, "sure, in a month." like he was saying, "whatever, kid."

Ha! He totally didn't even think I was 21! sweet! i aparently look more that 10 years younger than i really am!!!

He still gave me my drink. thank god.


somethin' i believe in. #2

so this one is for the girls out there.

something that i own and love are seamless tanks by eloise*, available at anthropologie stores.
*unfortunately the above link only shows the seamless camis - which aren't necessarily my favorite

for $24, they are a perfect layering piece! the slightly wider strap is nice since it covers a bra strap. (something the camis don't do). they are super lightweight, stretchy, and aren't too short. so they stay down where they should stay! they also come in a variety of colors.

the competition?
  • hanro touch feeling tank. i'm sure it is nice, but who wants to spend $118 on a tank!?!
  • commando. this brand is new to me. decent price point. ($48) but it looks like it has a deep v, which i don't really like.
  • then there was the DKNY seamless tank that i wore for years. (i can't seem to find it online). it was my introduction to the seamless cami. problem was that it stretched out so much and completely lost it's shape.


Monday, May 07, 2007

we can't stop.

yes, shane and i are addicted to taking pictures. even if we aren't the best photographers, we always enjoy our pics!

so last wednesday evening we ended up relaxing on his deck and enjoying a beer and the weather. then, i made a discovery! i've had my camera for almost 2 years now and never knew the fun of the "coupling shot"!! ( you can take a picture with someone else without using a timer and setting up the camera. one person takes a photo, and then hands the camera off to the other. try to line up the background the best you can. the two photos are then morphed together!)

here we go ...

first try. my baby shot me dead.

i'm making out with myself. that's hot.

i'm a little banshee!

and here, shane finally gets a taste of his own medicine!
lisa has been waiting for this day to finally come, i'm sure!
sorry lisa. i don't think he has any bruises!


Friday, May 04, 2007

all smiles!

time for a little smile to brighten your day! here is my current favorite picture of millie ...


look at that grin!

this was taken at bear mountain a 2 sundays ago. that really beautiful sunday, when the weather was just perfect! hopefully this weekend will be just as beautiful!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

somethin' i believe in. #1

welcome to my first installment of somethin' to believe in!

i'm going to start it off with some thing i recently discovered at CVS and fell is looove with!

it's simply two new body washes. you don't need to spend a lot of money and go to specialty stores to get a great smelling and lathering body wash. just head on down to your local drug store (duane reade, CVS, walgreens).

the softsoap - pink grapefruit splash, smells sweets and fresh, but not too sweet like candy. (which i can't stand!) it is also a really pretty pink color for spring! i will admit, it was the pink packaging that originally drew me to this product!

now if you want a quick getaway in the morning during your shower, you have to get the caress - tahitian renewal! it brings memories of a tropical vacations! and it has little pomegranate pieces in it to exfoliate. usually i don't like body washes with bits and pieces of rough stuff in them, but this one doesn't bother me. maybe the scent just takes over and relaxes me!

go get 'em and clean up!


somethin' i believe in - an introduction.

there are so many products, services, and other random things out there that i come across, fall in love with and then often find myself thinking, "hey! i really think that everyone needs this/ should do this/ should hear this, etc ... !"

i decided to create an regular segment here on whats the code, called somethin' i believe in (yes, that is a reference to the poison song. i am forever a child of glam rock.)

these recommendations can be anything from great to small. cheap to expensive. there is no qualifier here. if i love it and think you will too, i'll let you know all about it!

i can't guarantee it will occur every day, as my blogging has been sporadic lately. but i will try to keep it up the best i can!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

join the club.

dave made it to the big 3-0 last wednesday! ha ha ! i'm not the only one now!!! shane and i headed to fort greene for the celebration.

we all met for dinner at the smoke joint, a small and casual but very yummy bbq joint.

we had to wait a while to get the food. and since you just order at the counter and one person basically makes all of the food, we all got our food separately.

dave got his first. i guess this was his impression a pirate eating bbq!

in case you were wondering, the smoke joint is vegetarian friendly! i was actually curious as to why we were going there as dave is a vegetarian! he orders the crispy catfish and devours the fries.

i got the hacked chicken sandwich! ooohhh! i loved it! there was so much meat! and the sauce dripped all over your hands! lovely! the fries were amazing! just spicy enough!

shane also ordered the joint rubbed corn on the cob. i was unexpectedly full and coudn't really try it. but it looked good!

britt and gabe join the festivities.

james and yasmine are normally very smiley, happy people! they conversation must have been riviting!

adam strikes a pose.

on to some irish pub across the street that i can't remember the name of. i had the great idea to pick up some twinkies from the newsstand next door to the restaurant and bring them to the bar and then surprise dave with a "cake"! when we got the the irish bar, the waitress said that we couldn't eat outside food. whateves. so britt and i ordered dave a slice of chocolate mousse cake. you gotta have cake on your birthday!


i was craving somethings sweet myself, so i tried to discretely pull a package of twinkies out of the bag that i had shoved under my seat. in my effort to be discreet, i created an embarrassing scene .... i slid off my chair and pushed the table down and fell to my hands! all for the love of dessert!

shhhh ... don't tell the waitress!
*note, these aren't real twinkies! the news stand only had lady linda's. sounds fancy.

since it was a school night, we had to head on home.

britt and i on the train, having a conversation about people we don't like anymore that just a little too loud. oops!

nap time on the metro-north.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

celebrations and memories.

happy easter, everyone!

<span class=
here i am making easter eggs back in '85! cool multi-colored sweatshirt!

i hope you all have a great day, eating the best holiday candy there is (peeps, jellybeans, and chocolate!) and spending the day with those you love.

it isn't the best easter for me, though. my grandmother passed away early this morning. i will miss her dearly.

grandma 1983
(here is grandma, i think in 1983.)

my grandma and i were similar in many ways: she loved to shop and loved clothes!
one of my memories is when she took me to neiman marcus to go shopping when i was in junior high. i was only interested in finding liz claiborne purses and units! (remember wearing units, those multi purpose, belt-y outfits!!!) then we would eat in their tea room.

big difference: she hated taking pictures! i don't have a lot of pictures of her because of that. she sure wouldn't have been a blogger!

i'll miss you, grandma!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

back track.

since i have admittedly been a bad blogger, there were some events that i thought were blog worthy that i never shared. one in particular was st patrick's day!
i was excited about st patrick's day this year, particularly since i am dating an irish guy and we live in irish neighborhood. i figured i would get the true experience!
all of the festivities occurred on mclean avenue in yonkers, an area with a high irish population . there are tons of irish pubs, resturants, and shops throughout the avenue.
the guys started the day much earlier than i could. they hit rory dolans around 11-12 am! i just can't physically do that! "ms-no-tolerance" here! so i caught up with them around 9 at night.

now, i always believe that every good party has an even better prop. and thanks to my mom, we had the prop of the night ... a green mullet wig!

here shane shows off the mullet in a little pre-party red neck pose, trashing the house with our furniture! (don't worry, no furniture was really harmed in photo.)

once we arrive at mc gilligan's, i immediately put on the mullet. i think i could pull this look off!

then the mullet was passed around. everyone had that hair on their head:






random guy #1.

random guy #2.

random guy #3.

surprisingly, the mullet looked pretty natural on everyone!

needless to say, i don't think i will be putting that on my head again any time soon!

good luck!


still suffering.

as i told you all a couple days ago, i have been suffering from a nasty cold or virus or something.
it's friday and i am still sick! ugh. why won't this go away! i have not been sick like this for quite a while!

go to the doctor! you all are probably shouting. i did. and let me tell you about that ...

since i still don't have a primary care doctor with my (not so new now) insurance, i had to go to the horrid DOCS - a walk in facility that takes almost any insurance. i have told you about this place before and i swore that i would never go back. but it was my only choice since i couldn't get an appointment from any recommended doctors. it was worse this time. i waited over an hour in the nasty waiting room to be seen. when i was finally called to the room, this horrible assistant took my temperature and blood pressure. now, this was the day that i couldn't speak at all. i completely lost my voice at this point. so he proceeds to ask what is wrong. i start to tell him that i lost my voice and my throat really hurts ... but he cuts me off, all irritated and asks how this all began. so once again i start to tell him how i felt last week, but he stops me mid sentence, and says, " but what is wrong now!" jesus! was i not trying to tell you!! so i force the words out again. but he just puts down my chart and tells me to wait for the doctor. a- hole!
alas, here he comes! mister homeless, hole-in-the-shoe doctor! now, aren't doctors supposed to make money? i mean come on! i'm sure this guy makes at least as much or a little more than i do. and if my shoe had a huge hole in it from wear and tear, i could at least afford to by a new pair, even if it was from payless! whoa!
so without even barely talking to me for a minute, he determines that i have laryngitis. which just means you can't talk and have a sore throat. he prescribed me some antibiotics and advised me not to talk for 2 days. uh, ok! that's it?
so i still went to work the next day, trying not to talk, but that is difficult when you deal with customers! last night i went downhill again! i got a massive headache! it was so bad that i was feeling nauseous! the hand full of advil didn't help at all. all i wanted to do was sleep.

so sleep i did. all day today! until about 2:30! still don't feel 100%. and i still have to work tomorrow.

if anyone has any miraculous home remedies, please send them my way!

*cough* *sniff* *cough*