Friday, January 19, 2007

all in my head.

as the week went by, there were several things that i though of and meant to blog about. but alas, there was no time!
here is a collection of thing i came across during the week that struck me as strange or just plain stupid and i thought i would share with you:

  • i though that people carried around those dumb little dogs to pretend like they have a baby? but then, when you finally have a baby - or two - should you put the dog down and carry the real thing??

  • while watching fox news earlier this week ( i know, i know! i was just flipping around channels!), they had this ridiculous segment showing how palisades mall is a potential terrorist threat and needs to be more secure! WTF! this is just another way to instill fear in americans! i'm sure terrorist are secretly plotting to blow up a fucking mall in the suburbs of new york! they would definitely be hitting a powerful american institution.
i can't find the story on the fox website, but here is a related article.
  • i had to go to the doctor on monday - don't worry! i'm just fine! but i have new insurance and had to find a doctor, quick, who accepted my new plan. (always a difficult task!) since i didn't have time to research new doctors all day, i decided just to go to DOCS, the walk-in center that has offices all over the city. i heard that they were fine for normal, easy visits. ew. highly NOT recommended! my doctor was soo gross! in fact he had a big hole in his dirty old shoe!! like a homeless man! i know it wasn't some prestigious place, but come on! doesn't a doctor get paid enough to buy a new pair of shoes? unacceptable!
  • and i discoved a new (old) band this week while perusing through iTunes. if you totally want to rock out, check out rock goddess !!! they completely remind me of my motley crue, lita ford, vixen, headbanger days! these girls can belt it out! listen to their new album,
the original rock goddesses
on itunes.

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