Monday, July 31, 2006

neighborhood dining.

new york is known for all of it's wonderful restaurants, and it's great to know that i don't have to leave my beloved borough of brooklyn to enjoy some wonderful cuisine! in fact, i all have to do is walk one block from my apartment for one of my new favorite restaurants!
peperoncino is a wonderful little family run italian restaurant in park slope (5th ave and st marks). the atmosphere is airy and rustic but comfortable and not pretentious. they specialize in crispy, brick oven pizza but i have never ordered the pizza; i always enjoy their other entrees.

on friday, shane and i went for our second time to peperoncino.

we started with some drinks. i loved mine! it was a vesuvio, strawberry puree with limoncello and sparkling wine. refreshing!
shane's had something with banana liquor. it was soooo strong! undrinkable! he said that it tasted like paint thinnner. i guess he would know! ok, bad joke.

i accidentally took this picture with my flash off.

i started with a salad of arugola with goat cheese, grape and pistachio "balls". the grapes we so yummy! i could have eaten an entire plate full of them!

shane had a salad of thinly sliced beef covered with big slices of parmesan cheese.

the waiters are very knowledgeable (or maybe their heavy italian accents make everything sound better) and have made nice suggestions for our meal. but this time i really just wanted something simple.

i had the spaghetti. and i almost ate it all!

shane's chicken rolled with prosciutto was good as well.

there was no room for dessert. but if there was, we probably would have stopped into the chocolate room down the street. a chocolate lovers dream!

go and get your passports (manhattanites!) and come and dine in brooklyn!



Blogger pinknest said...

so funny...we both could have had simultaneous italian and chocolate dining experience!!

3:34 PM  

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