Wednesday, January 24, 2007

oh, martha!

on tuesday, anita, lauren, michael, and i were invited to spend the morning with the queen of the kitchen (and just about everything thing else), Martha Stewart! well, actually, we sat in the audience of her morning tv show.

we arrived bright and early to martha's chelsea studios to wait in line for our tickets. we were then told to leave the studio and come back in a half an hour. we couldn't wait outside. where should we go? the staff suggested dunkin' donuts. so off we went.

we could tell from the conversations around us that there were definitely some regulars here. they knew all about what was going to happen during the show and were buddies (or at least thought they were) with the crew.

we were soon corralled into an open room where we waited once again. the room was decorated with huge photos of martha's many dogs and cats.

well, martha wouldn't have been much of a hostess if she didn't offer something to eat! there were several trays of soft, doughy scones. they were good, just strangely shiny! but after being shuffled to dunkin' donuts, we really weren't all that hungry anymore!

the most unexpected thing about the whole experience happened when i went to the bathroom right before we were escorted to our seats ...
the women's bathroom smelled sooooo horrible! i almost couldn't even stay in there, but i really had to pee! i seriously think that martha would have been embarrassed to know that her facilities stunk like someone just took their first morning shit in there! at least give us some potpourri or oust, something!!!

so were finally made it to our seats and we seem to have been stratigicly placed by our clothing and gender. lauren, michael, and i all were wearing shades of reds while anita had on a blue and pinky-red printed sweater. she was next the the blue-tops to her right - it blended nicely. michael had to sit on the end, spread out the males!

anita gets excited for the show!

michael shows his excitement!

pre-show pose. see the coloring??? strategic!

the show itself wasn't the greatest. it's really luck of the draw which show you get to go to when you reserve tickets. this show was mostly about weddings. whatevs. it was actually taped live and the segments went quickly. i thought it was most exciting watching all of the behind the scenes action - how they set up for eatch segment, how they fuss over martha and her hair. this cute and energetic little guy, joey, was the guy who would warm up the crowd and tell us when to applaud and "oooohh" and "mmm" in between segments, he would had out goodies junk from his random prop bag to the most energetic folks in the audience.

lauren was lucky enough to get a bag of biscuit mix!

after the show it was question and answer time with martha. here she is with joey.

ahhh, the smile! she had this perma-smile on for most of the show, even during the breaks as she stood there. i guess she had to look ready at any moment!

we were excited to find out about our free gifts! we were handed our issue of Martha Stewart Weddings along with a a flowery book of Inspirations by Preston Baily as we left the studio. hmmm .... not so great, martha! next time, give us food!!!

unfortunately, i couldn't get my vcr hooked up, but anita taped the show and said that we made it on the air! i can't wait to see! aparently they show back episodes online, but at this point, they aren't up. if you have a tape, i would love to see!!!

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Blogger pinknest said...

MARTHA!!! i will not be making those picture frames. what was up with that? random.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Bethie said...

She sorts people by clothing color? That's so anal!!

7:52 PM  

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