Thursday, May 03, 2007

somethin' i believe in. #1

welcome to my first installment of somethin' to believe in!

i'm going to start it off with some thing i recently discovered at CVS and fell is looove with!

it's simply two new body washes. you don't need to spend a lot of money and go to specialty stores to get a great smelling and lathering body wash. just head on down to your local drug store (duane reade, CVS, walgreens).

the softsoap - pink grapefruit splash, smells sweets and fresh, but not too sweet like candy. (which i can't stand!) it is also a really pretty pink color for spring! i will admit, it was the pink packaging that originally drew me to this product!

now if you want a quick getaway in the morning during your shower, you have to get the caress - tahitian renewal! it brings memories of a tropical vacations! and it has little pomegranate pieces in it to exfoliate. usually i don't like body washes with bits and pieces of rough stuff in them, but this one doesn't bother me. maybe the scent just takes over and relaxes me!

go get 'em and clean up!



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