Monday, October 17, 2005

MisShapes Madness!!

ryan and i had way too much fun on saturday night.

my first MisShapes party!!


my bad attempt at taking a picture of the guy behind me on the sly for ryan. but that wasn't the right guy!

you know i love shoes ... check out ryan's shoes!!!

ryan and friend

ok, this is where the night takes a turn ... and i get a little tipsy
this guy and his friend bought us shots. can't pass that up!

(yeah, you can see the "drunk" in my eyes)

and this didn't help the situation. but it sure tasted good!

happy times!!

sophia lamar on the tables. i love the tat of the cherries on that guys neck!!

soon, it was time to go home.
i stole a cab from some trannie who was pissed because the cabbie chose to take me over her since i was going to brooklyn. hey, tough breaks, kiddo. plus, i needed to get home fast... it wasn't a pretty sight.

can't wait til next time!!!

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Blogger Bethie said...

Your lipstick is amazing! I love it!! What is that shade?


6:51 PM  
Blogger molly said...

loreal colourjuice gloss in tutti frutti!!!
fruity- just like me and my friends! ;)

thanks for watching!!

11:14 PM  

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