Monday, March 05, 2007

calling all girl scouts!!!

so word has it on the streets that it's girl scout cookie season. i loooove girl scout cookies, and i seem to miss the cookie season every year! i can't let another year go by!! i crave the chocolaty-coconut chewiness of the somoa. i dream about the licking the top layer of peanut butter off the top of the tagalong. i need the freshness and simplicity of the thin mint! plus, i hear that there are a lot of new cookies that i would be delighted to try!

PLEASE!!! help a girl out! if you or anyone you know sells girl scout cookies - send 'em my way! it will be worth it! i may help her get that additional patch, a bike, do they maybe win ipods now??? if so, what color do you want - cuz it's yours!!!!

post you info in the comments and i will buy.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

inappropriate use of technology.

A lot of great things have come about due to advancements in technology. Our lives are easier, more efficient, and pleasurable due to many inventions.

Where would we be without the cell phone,the internet, an iPod, or digital cameras? well, you wouldn't be reading this blog right now! i can't even imagine a world like that!!

Then there are the a* holes who go and ruin things for everyone. they take advantage of a good thing and make it dirty and shameful. forget about the prevalence on porn on the internet. that's nothing. it was bound to happen. and at least you can "enjoy" that in the privacy of your own home.

but now there is so much mobility, we can do anything, anywhere. including ... watching porn.

recently, while driving down the expressway, i notice a car that has those tvs installed the back of the head rests. cool. not really my thing, but alright.
i look closer ... and porn is being played on the tvs!!! wtf?!?! this guy's homies are in the back, chillin' to big bootie porn! and totally in my view! i think this is an accident just waiting to happen. some dude is going to get distracted by some DDD jugs and *crash*!

it's just wrong.

a week later, i am on the metro north, on my way home from work. there is this guy seated in the row next to me. he is watching something on his zune (first of all, a zune? that's just lame.) he kept laughing out loud, and then he would look around to see if anyone was paying attention to him. no one was. well, at least not obviously. i was curios to know what could be so funny. so i tried to discretely peek onto his screen as he kept flipping through different files.
he was also checking out porn!
what's up with this! just because we have the ability, i don't think it is right necessary for people to get their rocks off anywhere!

but apparently, i was late on noticing this trend. while perusing through google images, looking for a good picture to go with this post, i came across this story of a boy busted for bringing his psp to school, filled with porn!

i'm sure he was popular.

listen to me? am i just getting older? turning into a prude?
absolutely not!

i just don't like pervs. especially sitting nest to me on the train!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

ahead of the game.

to all of you out there who thought i couldn't do it ...

well guess what i just finished ... at 2:24am on march 1st.

my taxes!!!!

hahahahaha! i didn't procrastinate! it's done! what a great feeling!

can i go to bed now???