Saturday, December 24, 2005

christmas time is here!

millie and i wish all of you a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!!

(actually, she just wishes that i would take the stupid santa hat off of her!)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

fun with millie.

ok, this is kind of a dumb post. and i may look like a moron for even letting the world see this side of me, but i am posting it for two reasons ...
1. i learned how to post videos! how exciting!
2. my dog cracks me up! i got her booties to wear in the snow, so tonight i put them on her for the first time, and i never laughed so hard in my life! she walks around like she is trying to swim!

so here i am, laughing at her expense.

oh, and the only reason i was trying to get her to get the duck (her christmas present that she found!) was so that she would walk more ... so i could laugh more!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

the urban poncho

how do you rock it?





big earl
big earl




and one more time for the ladies ...


Friday, December 16, 2005

update #3

4:32. i woke up extra early this morning to get the status of the potential strike. no settlement. no strike.

the MTA is RUNNING!!

am i the only one out there who kinda hoped there would be a strike?!?! it could have been fun! something to tell the grandkids about!

let's just make sure everything is wrapped it up in time so that i can go out on friday night without any worries!


update #2

12:36. watching conan. jack black is the guest. conan pokes fun at the potential strike, mentioning the carpool rules that would go into effect. in NY there must be 4 people to a car to get into the city. in dirty-jersey, they will allow 3 people and a body in the trunk.


millie, tired of all of this, watches the up-to-date news highlights.

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update #1

as of 12:06, while watching johnny knoxville on jay leno, the little "strike-bug" that channel 4 posts in the lower corner of the screen, indicates that the MTA is RUNNING! man! thank god for technology like this! cutting edge!

so far i am going to work with no worries. wait ... that sucks! throw some NY drama my way! BRING IT ON MTA!!!!


.... more to come!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

getting us where we want to go. let's wait and see ...

i was watching the evening news tonight, getting updated on the chance of a transit workers union strike, when this commercial follows the coverage.
the MTA so caring and compassionate, how could they ever allow a strike to happen to the wonderful people of new york! especially during the holidays!!

all i have to say is they better work that shit out because i am not about to walk to work on friday in the snow! did you see the weather forecast!! janice says wind and rain on friday morning!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

kickin' off the holidays!

kelly had a christmas party on saturday night!

because of my fabulous job in retail, i didn't get there until almost everyone left! so what did that mean ... gotta drink fast to catch up!


let's not talk about that.....

me and kelly by the tree. i don't remember singing. but who really knows after 3 glasses of wine in about an hour!

here is justin, happy to be here after his 2 hour subway ride from the bronx!

kelly and justin. ready to call it a night!

Friday, December 09, 2005

let's try this again.

it snowed again this morning! a little bit fluffier than last time. (then quickly became slushy)

let's see how millie reacted to white stuff today ...

that's a pretty pathetic face. i don't think she likes the snow!

this is a funny "mid-shake" shot!!

boston terror!!!

the holidays and here, and everyone is getting a little stressed out. apparently millie is too!

this is what i came home to today!

what the hell did she want with my socks and hosiery from bloomingdales?!?!

....and then she got into my bag of goodies from the bliss sample sale! baaaad dog! (ha! but look! t he mirror fell and probably scared the hell out of her!!)

this is her "what did i do?" face.

*note the box of wax open on the floor. i guess she wanted to clean up her eyebrows!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

please stop talking!

hey dumb bitches!!!
yelling and having a conversation with your friend who is also waiting for a train across, on the other platform is just annoying!!!
we all don't want to hear your dumb-ass conversation!


sorry. had to vent.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

first snow!

the first snow of this winter is here!!!
millie normaly likes to play in the snow, especially new snow, but not this morning! she just acted all annoyed.

she wouldn't even let me get a good picture!

it's gonna be a long winter ....

all i want for christmas

december is here! and it is time for molly's holiday gift guide ... or rather, the guide for giving molly gifts!

i work hard on my feet all day. i love to have a pretty pair of flats to work in sometimes. these beautiful suede ballerina slippers by chloe are available at Bergdorf's, though, i also saw them in black at bloomies.

i'm still trying to accessorize more. this necklace by marni is so beautiful! i love the colors! and it will transition nicely into the spring! (not quite sure where to buy it yet! if you can find it, i will love you even more!!! but i did see it in a nylon newsletter.)

it's good to keep warm while reppin' the hood. i can do it in this cute hoodie from brooklyn industries. i like the black - in xs please!

i never stop wanting new music!! an iTunes gift card is a winner!

like a child in a candy store, i am in heaven at sephora. a gift card from there would also be put to use immediately!

... and don't forget millie!!

she might want a new bone!