Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i like halloween. halloween on other people! as much as i appreciate all of the great costume ideas that everyone has, all of the effort they put into getting dressed up, and all of the cute kids that are running around my neighborhood, i really hate dressing up for halloween! i just don't do it!

so i must live vicariously through millie.

time to bring back the bat wings!
i thought the mini pumpkin was nice touch for the photo as well!
need better props!

happy halloween everyone!

have fun and be safe!


a delightful discovery!

it was a beautiful and warm halloween night and i wanted something sweet after dinner. ice cream! so we stopped by wendy's to get a frosty. always a good choice. kind of like soft serve ice cream, kind of like a shake, and chocolatey flavor.

i a was ready to order when i noticed that i had a choice for my frosty flavor ... chocolate or vanilla! what is this?! a frosty is chocolate! it's like if you get doritos - they are cheesey, not ... i don't know, bbq flavor or something!!!

but since this was the first time i had a choice in frosty flavor in something like 20 years, i went down a new path. i got the vanilla.

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... i have a new favorite!


molly rants.

some things just really get on my nerves. stupid things that i should really just let roll off my back, but i can't! i get so irritated with stupid people and retarded things they do!

for example ...

what's the deal with the leaf blower? i mean, who though of this machine and who actually hires people to stand around and blow leaves?!?!

ok, look at the above situation. this dumb ass is getting paid to blow leaves around. and the best thing is that he is blowing them into the street. but as i was walking by - in the wind, might i add - all of the cars driving by were blowing the leaves back onto the grass. this is great!

to add to this. another think i can't stand and cannot understand is the street sweeper. this is the biggest waste of time and city money that i can think of (well, i'm sure there are a million other things that the city wastes money on, but i have a one track mind at the moment!) so this big, huge truck drives down your streets every tuesday and thursday between 9-12, making people double park or search for alternative parking. and what does it do? spray some water on the ground and brush around the garbage on the ground. there is always still garbage left and i don't ever notice much a big difference in the cleanliness of the street. you? i think it is just a way for the city to make money by way of the parking tickets they issue along the way.

ok, to sum it up, anything that blows or sweeps around stuff in the streets is basically a waste of time.

whew. glad i got that off my chest!


a long awaited reunion!

i can't believe that i haven't seen kelly in almost 2 months! how did this happen?!?! but what's a better reason to finally get back together than for a birthday! kelly celebrated her 29 (oops!!) 28th birthday with a casual party at her apartment. it was so nice to go back to brooklyn, even if it was just for a few hours!

i was starving and the spread was delish!

awww! it's been too long!
(this is me running on barely any sleep!)

kelly and justin display some of the handbags she has designed.

hey amie! when are you going to release the song that you wrote for kelly??
"sitting on a rock ..."

the halloween wigs are brought out. kelly said that she thought of me as soon as she put this wig on. hmmm ...

i'm not quite seeing the resemblance!! whatcha think?

amie shows off the strawberry wig.

and that's it! i had to skip out early since i had to be back at work at 7am the next morning. at least i got to finally see kelly!
happy birthday, kelly!!!!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

it's begining...

ahhh yes, christmas is just around the corner! (um yes. it is october 25th!)

i got a glimpse my first holiday decoration of the season on the corner of 5th ave and 50th st this morning.

and on my way home ...

the gigantic snowflakes that cover the the entire front of saks fifth avenue were being delivered.

(what they will soon look like!)


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fall is here!

i absolutely love fall! it is my favorite season of the entire year! you get to layer up in the best fashions of the season while walking around enjoying all that nature has to offer. yesterday and today truly kicked off the season bringing crisp, cool weather and the occasional smell of burning leaves in the air (depending on where you are, of course!)

here is a brief list of my top favorite things in fall:

1) scenic views.

this is a picture takes while driving back from woodbury commons this weekend. there were so many beautiful views of the colorful trees along rt 87. perfect timing! that is the difficult thing about the changing leaves - it can happen so quickly that by the time you have the weekend available to take a scenic drive, you could be looking at gray, dead trees.

today was beautiful! look at the clear sky. the air was brisk and cool. i didn't mind though, look at this view of the hudson river from a house shane is working on in riverdale!

2) sweaters!! (and sweater dresses!)

chunky and comfey! layer up!

warm and cozy! (don't forget to add the wide belt and textured tights!)

and super cute! the perfect gift!

3) hot coffee.

enough of the iced lattes of summer. it's now time for my double shot vanilla latte - with soy, of course!

4) concerts.

there always seem to be the best concerts in the fall then going into the winter:
  • diamond nights 11/4 at the bowery
  • peaches 11/24 at irving plaza
  • goldfrapp ... ugh. just missed it last week!
  • but ... k-fed!!! 11/4 at webster hall! can't miss that one!!!
and i'm sure there are more to come!

5) sleeping.

there's nothing better than cuddling up in a thick, warm blanket with the window slightly cracked, letting in a soft breeze! i could stay in bed all day!

6) love.

but the best is having someone to share all of these things with!


you must be mistaken!

do you ever have something happen to you that can be potentialy bad or dangerous and you have horrible reflexes or reactions to the situation?
well, today, i was waiting out in shane's jeep as he stopped in the store. there was a guy crossing the street, in the middle of the street, while having a conversation on his bluetooth so he obviously wasn't really paying attention to what was going on around him.
the guy was getting close to shane's door but i just thought that he was just trying to stay out of traffic as he walked to his car. then, he opened shane's door and started to get in the seat! all while still having his conversation via the stupid bluetooth!
dude, a stranger just walked into my boyfriend's car while i am in it. and my first responce was, "excuse me!" i barely moved or tried to grab ... anything! i didn't even try to yell! my "gra the cell phone" responce didn't even happen!
luckily the guy was super embarassed and jumped out! "oh my god! sorry!" I watched him and he had the same jeep as shanes. so it was a very stupid accident.

the story was complete when he drove away, he honked and waved to apologize. someone wrote in the grime on his back window, "gaymen rule". sucker!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

upgrade me.

shane and i have the same phone. silver motorola razor. they basically look the same, the scratches and nics from being dropped are just in different places. this leads to problem - the accidental phone switch! imagine it's early in the morning, one of us is leaving for work, half asleep, we grab, what we think is our phone but we later find out that it is the other persons phone! it has already happened.

can you tell whose is whose?

now t-mobile has created this cool new calling plan called myFaves where you pick the 5 people you call the most and for only $10 more a month, you can talk to these friends as much as you want! love it! sign me up! problem is you need a new phone that is compatable with this program. it's been a year. is it time for a new phone?

why yes it is!! now i finally have a girly phone!

here is the myFaves main screen.

and a closer look. you get to pick icons or use picutes for your friends. for right now, shane gets represented by the video game controller - since he is dying for the new playstation 3! and i feel like lisa is perfectly represnted by the blondie diva wearing a sweatband and sunglasses! too much wasted time fun!
new problem ... this is turning into the MySpace of phones! people now ask if they are one of your 5 friends and if not, why!??!!? "how can i become one?" "can i be #1 of the 5?"

i don't need this pressure!!! ahhhhhhh .........

it's that time again.

fall is here again and that is about the time when a lot of concerts start popping up. i haven't gone to a show in awhile and i was getting in the mood! i surprised shane with tickets to see jenny lewis with the watson twins at the town hall on october 13th! i knew that he really liked the music but i was not that familiar.

we had some time to kill before the show and needed a quick bite to eat. since we were in times square, we grabbed a couple street dogs. yum! and washed them down with some tab energy. (it had been a pretty long week and we needed to be revived for the concert!)

then we pretended to be tourists visiting NY for the first time, staring up at the lights of times square and asking (obvious new yorkers) annoying tourists questions. yeah, we're crazy!

the concert was really nice! i enjoyed it more than i expected! jenny's boyfriend, jonathan rice opened for her. we didn't know who he was at first and we were convinced he was connor oberst, aka bright eyes. he sang and spoke exactly like him! jonathan sang mellow, acoustic, folk songs.

jonathan rice

jenny lewis was amazing! she has such a strong and powerful voice that just resonated in the theatre! and she is tiny! where does that voice come from?! i really enjoyed her music - some of my favorite songs being The Big Guns and Rising Up with Fists!! (jessica, here is it, you new music suggestions from molly - jenny lewis!! check it out!) jenny also sings with the quartet rilo kiley. the watson twins are 2 southern girls with beautifully melodic voices that perfectly back jenny up. they have a new album out as well. i definitely bet it is worth checking out!

i was not able to get many photos from the concert. security there was on high alert and was continuously walking the isles and stopping people from taking pics with cameras and phones.
this is the only one i got of the jenny lewis. here she is singing with jonathan, the watson twins to the left. i was lovin' her show girl style flashy dress with cowboy boots!

another weekend getaway.

this time, however, not as scary as the last vacation!

shane and i traveled to boston a week and a half ago (yeah, i know, a little late to post, but better late than never!) to go and visit my mom who was stopping over as she toured the northeast. i haven't seen my mom since christmas, so it was great to see her, even if it was for just a quick trip! shane and i have also never been to boston before so we were excited to see the city.

we woke up early friday morning and took the amtrak from penn station. such an icky train station. just being anywhere in the general 34th street vicinity is usually a bad look. we were looking forward to a nice, calm train ride. unfortunately, the train was fully booked and we couldn't even sit next to eachother! we were lucky enough to get 2 isle seats that kind of looked at eachother. we spent a good amount of the time sending eachother text messages about the weirdos sitting around us. the nosy guy next to me was super curious and kept trying to casually look over my shoulder. so i proceeded to mess with him and wrote dirty messages. he finally turned away.

after about 3 hours, we finally arrived in boston! when we got out of the train station, we could have sworn that we were back in herald square!! tons of horrible shops like city sports, sneaker stores, trashy clothes, and yes, a macys! quick! off to the the hotel!

my mom booked us a room at the fancy-shmancy Omni Parker House, where she was also staying. we couldn't wait to get into the hotel and actually relax for a minute.

our room was very nice, with big soft, comfy beds!! (but 2 beds, mom??)

naturally, we had to jump all over the beds. yay! vacation!

and they provided these luxurious bathrobes.

perfect for lounging!!

i know, your lovin' the green chinese slippers! hey! you don't know what is on these hotel floors!

after a power nap, we went for a little walk to grab a bite to eat. strangely, a lot of the restaurants were closed early.

i liked the sign for this chocolate shop. what a cute little strawberry!

someone just got and idea for something to do later that evening !!!
(click on the picture to see who is playing at the theatre! very exciting!!!)

we met mom and her travel-mate, lorraine for dinner in the Parker house dining room.

mother and daughter. everybody say "awww"!

we had a pre-fixe meal and the food was so-so. but the restaurant's claim to fame is being the birthplace of the boston cream pie.

shane appetizer w as a boston cream pie martini. a little too strong and sweet for me.

and here it is, the moment we were all waiting for. the Parker House famous Boston Cream Pie! well, it was ok. not what we all expected. very, very rich. my mom says she makes a much better boston cream pie!

after dinner, we headed off to the Cheers bar for a drink.

this sign is the only thing about the bar that is the same as the tv show.

hey! where's norm?!?!

the next morning was another early start to have breakfast with mom before she left on her cruise. shane and i were not quite awake but my mom insisted on taking a ton of photos before she left.

i had to make this one big so you could really see me. my "i hate pictures at 7am" pose, holding corn cobs.

need more coffee!!!

later, an aimless stroll around the city. we had no clue where we were going, but we had a few hours before our train left.

now this is my idea of boston cream! america runs on dunkin - especially boston! we couldn't go down a street without passing a dunkin donuts!

care for a little nuget of information? the first dunkin donuts was opened in quincy, massachusetts. about 9 miles outside of boston.

this place looks familiar!

alley view with a church in the background.

a view in the Public Gardens.

and that ended our trip to bean town!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


don't hit refresh!! you are still at molly's blog!!!

i thought it was time for a little housekeeping or revamping of the blog since i have also changed so much in my life lately.
i decided on a new template. i have a few things to tweek still but i like the new, clean layout.

comments ... anyone????

just my luck!

so i was sitting outside in the rockefeller plaza, enjoying the warm weather on my lunch break today when all of a sudden ... SPLAT!! what the??? a huge squirt landed on my leg and went down to me feet! i though someone spit on me from above but that would be way too gross! it was a damn bird! a nasty stream of yellow goo ran down my pants. someone told me later that when a bird poops on you, it's good luck. i'm waiting for something lucky to happen now ...

this camera phone pic does the goop no justice. it was disgusting!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

the great outdoors.

old news now, but i figure i would keep you all up to date!

it was a nice sunday afternoon. the perfect temperature - not too hot or humid, you could tell that fall is just around the corner. shane and i took a trip to bear mountain in the hudson valley to spend the afternoon.

what a view! the water looked so clear!

look at my little friend!

a thoughful picture of shane, taking in the view.

we snagged the cool looking wooden bench to take this photo.

a little mushroom! i wonder who lives under there???

the park was celebrating Octoberfest a little early (it was still early september!) so naturally we had to partake in the food. i had a brat. it's the chicago in me! shane got the knockwurst, which i, actually, had never heard of. wash it down with a becks and the afternoon was complete!