Thursday, November 16, 2006

and you thought i couldn't cook!

tuesday was shane's birthday and i surprised him with a lovely dinner, prepared by me! yep you heard that right, i cooked a full meal! (and it didn't involve hummus or rice krispies!)

i had a cheese plate and a nice olive foccia bread waiting when shane arrived. i also got my favorite wine, a Macon villages white burgundy wine. it is so light and easy to drink. i was still preparing my dinner, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and flank steak. i didn't have very good cooking "rhythm" so it took longer than expected.

the table was set. slightly bare? no, minimal!

the steak is cooking. i had to purchase a new skillet to cook the steak. my little old non stick just wouldn't do. i went to sur la table on spring street and got the best service ever! nathan really knew his stuff and was so helpful. he gave me tips on how to prepare the meat and what additional cooking supplies i would need and what i didn't need. the meal could have ended quite differently without his help!

my new specialty - mashed potatoes! oh my god! i loved them! a few secret ingredients is what made it!

and at 9:15, dinner is finally served. i just realized how green it all looks!

he likes it! he likes it!

and as an added bonus, i made champagne truffels! they were so rich and dense we could barely eat even one after the meal.

a post-dinner shot. we were so full! i was quite pleased with the results!

happy birthday, shane!!

kicking off the season.

being a retail girl has it's perks. you don't have to sit at a desk all day, ocasionally getting to sleep extra late when you have a closing shift, but also a sweet discount! the best part about retail is the holidays. it's so hectic and the customers get a little crazy, but it's worth it. seeing the store decorated, the holiday music playing - it's always fun! unfortunately, once the holiday season begins, the retail schedule fills up quickly. so this is why we already had our little holiday party for work this past sunday.

jennifer hosted the party at her cute little apartment in red hook.
ps, never assume that your cab driver knows where red hook is. this trip could have been smoother with some type of a GPS device.

as you can see, the required dress was a cute apron!

jenna displays how to use a telephone seat, which i though was totally cool! expecially since it was that glittery blue platic, kind of like a carnival ride!

highly recomended. raspberry beer. doesn't really taste like beer, but sparkly and fruity! i couldn't get enough! (and I am not a big beer drinker!)

the closing crew arrives and brings their classy beer!

nik's chocolate dipped ruffels went along nicely with beer. also a great PMS treat. i was addicted! can't stop eatin' 'em!

as i demonstrate here.

it's also ellen's and edgar's birthdays! and someone remembered the cake!

and all the while we were there, we were being watched over ... god bless.

Friday, November 10, 2006


i love anything that reminds me of fall! (as do other people i know!)

yesterday i started to use a new soap that just smells delicious! it is crisp apple by abode aroma. normally i am not a big fan of apple scents unless it has cinniman and spice in it (tends to remind of me something from bath and body works) but this is such a fresh and crisp scent! just like apple picking! yum! and it leaves a wonderful lingering scent in my bathroom for hours. in fact, when i came home later in the evening, i could still smell the apples!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

random stuff #5

  • i'm not usually star-struck, but i ran into a "celebrity" at work the other day. it was pretty funny, in my opinion. i guess i will respect his privacy. i'll tell you the story if you ask! hint

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Monday, November 06, 2006

things happen in 3's.

well, they say deaths happen in threes, but what about the death of a pair of pants? did you ever have something that just wasn't ment to be, no matter how much you liked it?

this is the story of a pair of pants that i just love, and i don't want to let go.

well, there they are. my cute little pair of paper denim cords. they were a thin cord, lots of stretch, a skinny, skinny leg, and they fit me perfectly!!! i didn't even need alterations!

i got the denim on a sunday a few weeks ago. i was eager to wear them to work the next day!

1) there i go, off to work at the crack of dawn in the morning. i was walking to the train. it was still dark out and i was a little groggy. as i am walking down a street along my route that happens to be a super steep incline, i was doing that little "light run" down the hill. BAM! i slip on some gravel, twist my ankle and skid down the street! i look down and my jeans are torn to shreads! blood gushing everywhere, my knee throbbing. FUCK! i didn't have those pants on for more than 45 minutes and they are ruined! not to mention that my knee KILLED! and was all gashed up!

out of spite, i bought a 2nd pair the next day. i looked hot!

2) about a week later, walking millie along my block. wearing my 2nd pair of cords. all of a sudden SKID! i'm down!!! i couldn't believe i slipped on some shit on the ground (it literally was some dog shit on the sidewalk!) and landed flat on my same, bad knee! this time, no damage to the jeans. my knee, well, it was a little sore. no blood.

3) one week past. give it another go. wearing my jeans at work. i was talking to a coworker, hand my hands in my back pocket, kinda hips to the side, you know the pose. all of a sudden RIIIIP! i was afraid to look. i couldn't believe that i ripped the fabric where the pocket is sewn on the back! now there is a little hole above the back pocket! you can't really see it, but i am concerced that if i bend over, the whole thing will blow!

a friend said, maybe it is time to just let them go. it's too many bad signs. i just don't want to believe it!

i'm torn. no pun intended.

ps, my knee is better now. just a little scabby. in case you were wondering.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

feeling french?

saturday night we enjoyed a filling dinner at paris commune. what a great last minute choice! tucked away in the west village, the food was delicious but the service was a little slow. still, i would definitely go back and would recommend it!

a sampling of our food:

two lovely, but very strong glasses of wine to start. i couldn't even finish my glass! sleep would have soon set in - the problem with red wine.

yummy, crusty bread. mmmmm!!!! and the olive oil was probably the best i've ever tasted!

ohhhhh!!!! meatloaf! i never though i would order meatloaf at a nice french restaurant, but it was delish! just a little too spicy though. shane had filet mignon. loved it!

and this was amazing ... creme bruile! so creamy! i wanted to lick the bowl!


skate or die!

i'm no skating pro! in fact, i haven't ice skated since i was in 8th grade, i think! but the season has begun and the rinks are open so shane and i tried our luck at Wollman rink on friday night.

gotta love rental shoes. they looked like big blue smurf skating shoes! puuurty!

shane poses after a few laps.

naturally, i fell! but only twice! i though that was pretty good, considering my falling problem!

i was so freaked out when i got on the ice. i was so nervous that i would fall, and everyone was zipping around me at lightning speed! i had this permanemet scared, determened look most of the time!
i got the hang of it soon enough. i did alright! (little pat on my back!)

me and my personal trainer! ;)


my mom found this picture of me ice skating when i was in 8th grade - like i mentioned!

ha ha!! check out the huge denim jacket, the pegged jean, and the big bangs! (and blonde hair!! hee hee!)