Wednesday, June 28, 2006

blog alert!

hey kiddies! one of my friends has joined the blogging world!

go and read "the verdict, fiercely delivered, by ONGINA"!!!

fierce, sassy, opinionated! ... and he has only just begun ...

i could use a laugh today!

god, do i love japanese practical jokes!

while i'm at it ... time to bring back the girls!!!

i can't get enough of this video!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

in bloom.

sunday was a walk in the park - well, in the garden, actually!
my dad and i strolled through the brooklyn botanic gardens. we were unsure what the weather was going to do. it was supposed to rain all weekend. but we ended up having great luck! it was slightly overcast, but it did not rain during our entire walk!

the garden is beautiful!

as you walk in, you almost forget that you are still in brooklyn!

everything is so green and lush.

there are many different types of gardens within. we discovered this little pathway that reminded me of being in a forest preserve at home. there was even a little pond! (and mosquitos!)

there was a beautiful rose garden. june is "rose month"!


i would have never guessed that many of these flowers were roses. they all look very different.

must stop and smell the roses!

this tree looked like it would feel like a hairless cat! yuck!

did i find the fountain of youth?!

a serene pool.

lily pads, glistening with water drops.

something tells me this little rabbit has been getting hand-outs because he kept hopping around all of the people, unafraid of anything!

i couldn't decide if this leaf looked like a heart or a set of lungs! anyone ...???

dad and i take turns posing in front of the flowers.

a few more.

think you are looking at a big tree??? WRONG!! bonsai!!

back to reality!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

don't rain on my parade!!

on saturday, my official birthday, we decided to go on an adventure.
dad, shane and i decided to jump on the N train and head on down to coney island!
"why?" you ask?! two reasons: the annual mermaid parade was occurring on this day. and my dad has never been to coney island, nor has he had a nathan's hot dog!

let's go!

the parade was full of all kinds of crazy in interesting folks.

weirdo serenading elvis. sometimes it was difficult to determine the criteria for entering the mermaid parade. freak or just mermaid body suit??!!

ok, now i don't know. who is the worse parent? britney or this ya-hoo's for dressing like this and then bringing their kid along?

no comment. i shouldn't, nor do i even ever want to see this!

i think they were dead mermaids or something like that. couldn't really tell!

well, lucky enough for the parade, there was barely any rain! just a few sprinkles. i thought we were going to get soaked for sure.

next stop. food!

dad finally makes it to the world famous nathan's hot dogs!

i guess even mermaids like hot dogs.

definitely not a chicago dog!

they guys enjoys their feast!

what a beautiful day for a photo!

awww yeah!!! time for my favorite game!! skee ball!

i take skee ball about as seriously as i take my karaoke!

i'm kickin' ass!

shane is speechless!

and look who the winner is!! i totally won more tickets!! ha ha haaaaaa!!!!

all of that work and all i won was this lousy dinosaur ring!

the rain finally started coming down, as forecasted. everyone started fleeing the beach with their umbrellas up!

safety from the rain!

after the long ride back on the subway, we stopped back at my apartment for a drink and to get ready for dinner.

and snack on the yummy champaign truffles lisa got me from jaques torres.

we had dinner at bogota, one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood. bogota serves latin food spanning from colombia, costa rica, and brazil. there is something for everyone! the staff is always friendly and the restaurant is colorful and fun without being silly or typical.

i always have to have an arepa de chocolo to start.

yum! the sweet and chewy cornmeal cake with the white cheese on top.

for dinner i ordered the salmon tropical. i think i enjoyed the celantro mashed potatoes best!

shane ordered the sweet and sour duck special. the duck was tasty and melted in your mouth. but his side was also very good - some type of mashed plantains with pecans! it tasted like a thanksgiving side dish sent from heaven!

dad got the skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. very filling.

now time for the post dinner, obligatory photos.