Thursday, June 30, 2005

bad dog!

millie was so cute today, chewing on her bone.

so tough.

she's speaking!

millz, you stink!!! time for a bath!!

all soapy!

she thinks i am seriously killing her. what a face.

time to dry off.

oh, the best is yet to come.
millie usually gets really excited after a bath. she jumps around and dances. nope, not tonight. she looked right at me and pissed on the carpet! i couldn't believe it! looked right at me! bad dog!!

then she felt bad and sulked the rest of the night.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

say a prayer

(i don't know how i missed this the other day ...)

mr. red carpet, steven cojocaru, had to return to the hospital on monday. he is having complications from his kindey transplant from earlier in the year.
you're in our thoughs, cojo.

to the highest bidder!

As some of you know, I am absolutely obsessed with Jake Bronstein and his website Too Much Information. I am now even more excited because I can now get a "piece" of him!!!
He is auctioning off two clones (a set) of his schlong on ebay! I have never bid on anything on ebay, but there is a first time for everything! How cool would that be!!

ok, i am completely insane.
at least i can admit it!

Monday, June 27, 2005

a bad idea

jordi and i went to uno's for pizza tonight.
wait, not the original uno's in chicago - one of the chains in brooklyn!

i know, i asked for it ...

what the hell is this?!?!?
they call this chicago style pizza!

i'll stick to new york style until i get back to the windy city.

happy canada day!

yippie! canada day! "what the hell does that mean?" you ask!!!
umm, not much really. but jordi and i saw ron sexsmith and tegan and sara play at central park summerstage for free!

these girls are so cute! it was fun to see them live!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

happy birthday to me!!!

friday was my birthday! it was great, nobody could guess my correct age. most people thought that i turned 22 or 24! come on, i may look young ... but 22?!?! i guess i will take it as a compliment!

we started the night getting a bite to eat at Pop Burger. yum!!

me a dave

jordi and jaymonde chatting

then we went in the back for a few drinks.

david, lisa, and i making the classic b-fab "lips" face.

that was our limo for the evening in back of me.
yeah right!

next, we headed off to buddha lounge for a few more drinks and a little dancing.
(sorry, no pics!)

ahhhh yes .... the final destination of the night! kareoke (did i spell that wrong again, carlos?) at BINYs!!!!
geanee and i were the first ones to arrive and i started singing right away! she started laughing at me when i whipped out my kareoke song list. i was a little disappointed when a bunch of the songs on my list were not available. oh well!

lisa and lior searching for songs

oh no! is that girl singing again?!?!

andre, lisa, and lior beltin' out the tunes!

ok, this girl - who wasn't with us - was horrible! she kept picking bad, bad pop songs that she didn't know, so she would ask us to sing for her! strange ...

lisa, me, and geanee ending the night with cecilia

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Friday, June 24, 2005

big decision

shoes can make or break an outfit ... and i can't decide what to wear!!!!!!

black patent casadei

pink satin anne klein

black satin anne klein

"super star!" marc jacobs

my hot louis vuitton

ok, i went with the black satin peek-a-boo toe pumps! haven't worn them in a while. and if i get tipsy and have a fall tonight, i won't worry much about these.

now on to building the outfit around the shoes!

a birthday surprise

Wooo Hooo!!! It's my birthday today!!!
so check out what came in the mail today. i thought that it was a nice birthday card ....

how nice.

then i open it up ...

it's a free sample of olay firming cream!!! to "fight the 7 signs of aging." what perfect timing! what are they trying to say!?!?
well, at least i know that i still look really young. most of my staff thought that i was turning 22 or 23 today!

working too hard

we had a party at work the other night. the event wasn't very busy but i had a fun time hanging out, since i didn't have to work this event!

david, geanee, lisa, me, and luke

j. radd. does everyone know this girl yet?! get to know her! f**cking hilarious!!

the boys. we bonded over cheap drinks and trashy gossip.

window licker. enough said.

stephen ....

lisa loves this shit.

what a fun night!

Can't we just all be friends???

I hate to have to make a post like this, but the point of me having this blog is to have fun and I would hope that those who visit this site are friends of mine - or at least pretty damn cool. So please don't use this as an opportunity to talk shit about my friends or things on here. You also don't have to use this to have cat fights with eachother.
I will delete your comments!
Play nice!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

birthday list #2

since there are only 4 more shopping days until my birthday, i didn't want anyone to feel any pressure and confusion about what to get me. i made it easy and just created a short list of things i would be delighted to receive!

1. it's time for me to get a new digital camara. this casio has got some great reviews from my friends. plus it is nice and small, so i can take it everywhere!

2. my iPod in-ear headphones need to be replaced. i love these, they are the only ones that actually stay in my ears while i dance around like in the iPod commercials!

3. i always say, you can never go wrong with an iTunes gift certificate, especially since i have over 300 songs in my "shopping cart" that i want!

4. another place were i could always use a gift certificate is at sephora. a girl can never have too many lip glosses!

i hopes this makes things easier for everyone! ;)

your comments are welcome here!

i was wondering why nobody was posting any comments here? naturally, my friends would be dying to give me feedback on this new endevor of mine! so i tried to post a comment myself! ah ha!!! i had the setting set to only allow registered users. well, i fixed this problem. now anyone can leave a comment!! aren't you all excited!?!?! go ahead ....

Monday, June 20, 2005


Say what you will about some of the guys i have dated in the past, but apparently i'm not the only one who can't quite "figure them out". this is becoming such a big deal that the NY Times had to write a thought provoking article about it.

yummy eats and a birthday list

i have to start by saying that i am on day 6 of my sunburn and I AM DYING!!! it is not that it hurts - it f**cking itches soooo bad!!! why did i ever think i would be ok without sunscreen! i know, i know. i don't need any lectures!

whew!!! had to just get that off my chest!

i haven't seen jordi in so long! something like 4 weeks! that is way too long! so we met for dinner tonight at Peep, a thai resturant in Soho. it was tasty. but the best part was walking to chinatown and getting the best ice cream in nyc!!

notice i got the big, double scoop, "my eyes are bigger than my stomach" cone! i am such a kid when it come to ice cream!

green tea on top, banana on the bottom. yum!!!
did you take of picture of this?!? nice.

we had to go on a long walk afterwards. well, i had to walk more than jordi!


it is now 5 days til my birthday!!! whoo-hooo!!
my friends keep asking, "what do you want to do for your birthday?"
the answer is easy. KAREOKEE!!! naturally! my most favorite thing in the world!
i like lists, so i have come up with a list of songs that i want to sing. I have prepared this list because i don't want to waste any precious singing time while i am scurring through those big books, finding songs to perform.

Top 10 Karokee Songs to Sing:
1. Lady - Styx
2. Sister Christian - Night Ranger
3. I'm so Excited - Pointer Sisters
4. Seperate Ways - Journey
5. Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar
6. Black Velvet - Alannah Miles
7. I'll Remember You - Skid Row
8. Ain't No Big Thing - Lita Ford
9. Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
10. Sweet Child o' Mine - GNR
11. Miss American Pie

ok, so it was more than 10. but i needed them all! note the bad glam rock infuence - it is my speciality. i haven't even included Def Lepard, Extreme, Poison, and Bon Jovi yet.

i think we will need our own room.
i will look into that first thing on monday!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

i didn't forget you!

jaymonde was upset that his picture was not on here yet ( i didn't have any!!!). so he bitched an complained a little and then sent me a nice picture of the two of us! this was taken this past easter. cheers!

here is another picture of millie, just for fun. love that face! always smiling!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

the delancy

So last night was Lior's birthday. I don't really know Lior, in fact, last night was the first time that I met him. He is a good friend of Lisa's, and a friend of Lisa is a friend of mine! We celebrated at the Delancy in the LES. It was great because we had a section of the roofdeck to ourselves!
I tried to take a bunch of pictures but my ghetto camara ran out of batteries after about 5 pictures!!! This is why most of th photos are a little blury or have a red line through them. Hate it! Oh yeah, my birthday is next week, so if anyone is wondering what to get me, how about a new digi camara!

It started with a few drinks ...

Lisa was a little tipsy and was freaking out when she though someone store her smokes! Calm down meeeeeaaaan!

This is Crosby. I just met her that night as well. She is absouloutly faaaabulous!

Is this Wilma or Betty?

So who was this guy?! I love how people just invite themselves to your party - when they conviently smell someone "smoking". "Hey man! Happy birthday! Peace out, yo!"

And here is Lior! Sorry about the bad picture ...

The night ended with drunken dancing to Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and Def Leppard. Fun times!


Friday, June 17, 2005

A little bit about me ...

So now that you have discovered my blog, I should probably tell you a little about myself. I'm 28, but my birthday is next weekend!!! I live in Queens, NY. Yeah, I know, I am planning on moving soon! I have a boston terrior that I adore named Millie.

Isn't she hot in the jean jacket?!

Here are some of my friends. Most of them are insane. I like my friends that way...
This is Lisa and I
8 great iPhotos
this is jordi

Carlos and Tim are sandwiching me

Photobooth pictures of Lisa and I. This is Lisa in Sacramento, though I am trying to get her to move to NY.

Me and Gabe. He was rockin the mohawn 2 years before anyone else!

The work crew. Geanee, Scott, Lisa, and I. Where is David??

Britt and Gabe's Baby shower. Britt is due very soon!!!!

I think that is enough for now! If you were not represented, it means that we don't have a good, recent picture!

See you back soon!


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Day One

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on my first blog!!
How exciting! Now you can get inside my head - know what I am thinking about, what I am doing!
...Wait! Don't leave! I promise it will be fun!

so check back frequently so you don't miss anything!