Wednesday, February 28, 2007

random thoughts and observations.

every once in a while i feel the need to gather all of the strange things that cross my mind and then share them with you!
so here are this week's, in no particular order:

  • do you notice that when ever you call your phone company (or any other place that needs to verify your phone number) they always say, "May I have your phone number, area code first." why do they have to say, "area code first"? who wouldn't give their area code first. are there people out there that say, "555-1234, area code 212" that doesn't even make sense! there is not phone number rhythm there! and with the amount of different area codes in single cities alone this day and age, you would have to be living in the middle of nowhere to think that someone would assume what your area code is!
and yes, i was the jerk who asked my t-mobile operator why they say that. her answer, you ask? "...because ofter it is the immigrants and people with native languages that usually say the area code last. but not the people who speak english." (yes those were her exact words!) oooookaaaay!
  • shane signed up for a new gmail account. he got an email back telling how you can use your cell phone to get messages. (like this is a new concept or something.) this is the picture showing how the messages would appear on your phone.

dude! this guys has some cool friends! they are all comin' back from hawaii, havin' parties, bbqs, dinners!! i wish i got emails like that! i checked my email this morning. 17 new messages. everything was junk! banana, the gap, shop bop, crate and barrel .... even the daily candies are as good as they used to be!

  • everyone loves a freebie. urban outfitters has a cool feature on their website . they give away 5 songs a week compliments of emusic. they feature artists they play in their store. not bad at all!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

don't look at me that way.

... it was an honest mistake!

you know the nights when you go out and the next morning you swear you will never drink again? let's just say that after friday night, I am now a sober woman (well, at least for a week!).

it was supposed to be a fun night out. dinner with kelly and then meeting the groovies later for drinks. i don't know where it went wrong, but I went crazier than lindsay just out of rehab!

kelly and i finally got together and caught up over good moroccan food at babouche on prince street in soho. we munched on yummy salads of veggies, beets, potatoes, and eggplants and, hummus, of course! the service was excellent! we had about 6 different people waiting on us! A+!

the bill came in a little slipper. 1/2 cute. 1/2 strange.

but we had to quickly rush off to see kelly's friends fashion show a few blocks away. unfortunately we were late and missed it! (sorry, kelly!) we did stay for drinks at the after party.

then, off to meet the rest of the gang who was waiting at rififi for their friday night party, trash.

nick and andrew were there to greet me! nick, keepin' it real, sporting man suspenders.

shane was already taking photos in my absence! the paparazzi are growing!!! beware!

lisa welcomes me to the party.

the gals.

andrew thought the drinks we too small. so he put all of his cups together to make a big gulp!

then kelly grabbed my camera and here is (a portion of) the montage that she created of shane and i.

ok! enough!! hahahah!

then! all of a sudden i had a great idea - and i was determined to carry it out ...

we needed cupcakes!!!!!

yep, so i grabbed lisa and went on a hunt!

but first, i had to freshen up. in the middle of the street.

these are some guys that lisa became friends with in the first bakery. they invited us to some party. i wasn't interested. i only had cupcakes on the mind!!! NEXT!!!

this is lisa picking out the cupcakes at the second bakery we went to. as you can tell from the photo, this one is definitely a little sketchy! why i thought it would be a better place to get cupcakes, i can't explain that.

one more stop before we return to the bar. the bodega around the corner. i decided to get a sparks! i hid that bad boy in my purse and waltzed back into rififi! (i also offered the big ol' bouncer a cupcake for good measure! he didn't want it!)

turns out the cupcakes were a good idea after all! a hit!

but this wasn't a good idea at all. i think this can was the downfall of my evening.

cupcakes everywhere!

oh, sarah! what a mess!

this is where my memory starts to fail me.
i remember wanting to dance. i heard them playing the sounds. i dunno.

you can never take back a first impression, and i sure didn't make a good one here! i met shane's old friend sylvia. she has to think i'm a maniac! but as lisa said. "we all deserve a night to be spectacular." and friday was my night to shine!

dancing amongst the masses.

i think then shane dragged me off to a cab. i pleaded to stay, but everyone knew what was best for little miss sunshine! bed!

i woke the next morning, swearing i would never drink again.

maybe i just need more practice?

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Friday, February 02, 2007

you are my obsession.

there is a man who know the key to all women's hearts.


marc jacobs.

his shoes!!! what more can i say!

i know it is just finally getting really cold and starting to show signs of snow here, but the spring collections are hitting the floors and i had to grab these new jellies before they were gone!

i can't wait for summer now!