Monday, July 31, 2006

a must-have !!

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you all know that it happens. you are out with friends, innocently (or not!) having a great time doing whatever - eating, drinking, dancing, wearing a poncho - when all of a sudden ...


it happens - you've been blogged! there is no getting around it, the pictures can't be deleted, the paparazzi are in full effect.

anyways, i need this tee-shirt. bethie found it first. and i know, i am blogging about someone blogging about blogging. this is what it has come to.

so be aware .... bloggers are everywhere!!!


neighborhood dining.

new york is known for all of it's wonderful restaurants, and it's great to know that i don't have to leave my beloved borough of brooklyn to enjoy some wonderful cuisine! in fact, i all have to do is walk one block from my apartment for one of my new favorite restaurants!
peperoncino is a wonderful little family run italian restaurant in park slope (5th ave and st marks). the atmosphere is airy and rustic but comfortable and not pretentious. they specialize in crispy, brick oven pizza but i have never ordered the pizza; i always enjoy their other entrees.

on friday, shane and i went for our second time to peperoncino.

we started with some drinks. i loved mine! it was a vesuvio, strawberry puree with limoncello and sparkling wine. refreshing!
shane's had something with banana liquor. it was soooo strong! undrinkable! he said that it tasted like paint thinnner. i guess he would know! ok, bad joke.

i accidentally took this picture with my flash off.

i started with a salad of arugola with goat cheese, grape and pistachio "balls". the grapes we so yummy! i could have eaten an entire plate full of them!

shane had a salad of thinly sliced beef covered with big slices of parmesan cheese.

the waiters are very knowledgeable (or maybe their heavy italian accents make everything sound better) and have made nice suggestions for our meal. but this time i really just wanted something simple.

i had the spaghetti. and i almost ate it all!

shane's chicken rolled with prosciutto was good as well.

there was no room for dessert. but if there was, we probably would have stopped into the chocolate room down the street. a chocolate lovers dream!

go and get your passports (manhattanites!) and come and dine in brooklyn!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

snack time.

people just love to eat on the subway, and ususally they eat such weird or smelly foods! enough with the fried chicken, french fries, tins of nasty chinese or spanish food. can't we all just agree that the only food allowed on the subways should be:
  • granola bars, nutrigrain bars, or any kind of morning breakfast bar you can eat on run with minimal odor and mess. i understand you have to eat on the run - just save the bacon, egg , and cheese for the office!
  • candy bars - snickers satifys. we all need a quick fix.
  • and i will allow cheese or onion-free chips. but stop with pouring the bag into your mouth!
tonight, i noticed this woman doing something strange on the 4 train. she kept digging into her big purse and then stuffing something into her mouth. i thought it was gum at first. then i realized it was cold cuts! she must have had a deli in her bag, because she kept pulling out slice after slice. does anyone else thing that is a little odd???


can i get a vacation?!

as i said earlier, it has been a very hectic and stressful month for me. in a nutshell and without going into all the details, lots going on at work and i am looking for a new apartment for 9/1. (anyone know of a great one bedroom that will take millie?!?!?!?) too busy to blog, too busy to do almost anything!
so i needed a little vacation. some R&R. so i took a 3 day weekend from work and shane and i planned a fun little getaway to the catskills to a bed and breakfast! i couldn't wait! away from the city, being in the mountains, tubing down the creek, hiking along the trails. relaxation!
our reservations were at the river run bed & breakfast. it looked cute. the rooms sounded nice an we were going to have our own personal bathroom ,which i really liked!

we found this b&b on where they stated that "River Run is the recipient, for the second consecutive year, of the 'New York Catskill Service Award' for best bed and breakfast in the Belleayre region." sounds great! we're off!

shane and i finally left friday around noon, after a hearty breakfast from beso, my favorite brunch spot in my hood! i always get the latin eggs benedict but since it was a week day, they had a limited menu.

my omelet with tomato, swiss, and avocado was yummy! and shane had the huevos rancheros. kinda just reminded me of a breakfast burrito. oh, and yes, we did get it to-go since i was still rushing around packing and we didn't have a lot of time to go and actually sit down.

ok, we're fed, packed, now, LET'S GO!!!!

we were so excited to get out of the city!

driving away!

ahh, the tappan zee bridge. or as shane likes to call it, the chimpanzee bridge!

**fyi - if you are like me and always wondered what tappan zee meant, i finally goggled it. find out for yourself here!

first stop, rest stop!
i never knew a rest stop could be so much fun! look at the size of this place!!

two levels, little gift shops, several places to eat. fun times!
we ended up having loads of fun in the gift shop, buying eachother "presents".

i got shane some really rad, bad-ass sunglasses and zipper-pulls with his full name!

he got me the zipper-pulls as well, along with a pink pen that say "NY princess" awwww !!!!

must represent the shades!! aaawwwwwoooooo!!!!!

"braw, this road trip is fuckin' awesome! dude, gimmie my milkyway!!"

snap shot of the truck driving in front of us.
inside joke.

after about a 2 hour drive, we were just about there! how exciting!
look at this view!

but don't get too excited. once we turned down the street of the b & b it all went down hill ...

it was like a twilight zone. all trashy and nasty. it looked like the houses were all falling apart. dingo dogs walking the streets. crazy white trash people plowing through the streets in their pick up truck with confederate flags in the back.
we didn't even get out of the car. it was a bad feeling. and look back at the picture i posted of the river run inn ... doesn't really look like that. the local pool that they suggested going to looked like a sesspool! i wore our new shades as a disguise just to fit in!!
i didn't even take any pictures for fear of the locals!

needless to say, we turned around! can you believe it! we though that we would be robbed during the night!

back home.

oh, but it gets better!

we decided to make the best of it. we were going to go to a water park or hiking at bear mountain on saturday instead.

rained out!

can't go wrong with eating, right?
so we had a nice irish breakfast at rory dolan's.

shane had the traditional "irish breakfast" - eggs, potatoes, sausage, and bacon with white and black pudding. he never eats the black pudding. if you knew what it was, you probably wouldn't either!

i safely ate an omelet.

after taking it easy all day, we decided on more food.

reservations were made at alias on the lower east side.
a recommendation from the foodie herself, anita!

shane had skirt steak, with potatoes, and a poached egg on top.

i had the roasted upstate chicken (a shout out to the catskills!). it was so crispy and juicy! yum!

the meal was perfect! finally, nothing went wrong!!!

afterwards, we met anita and matt for drinks. first stop, the pegu club, where the drinks were perfectly mixed and crowd was less than desirable.

we all then walked down to the dove in the west village.

i don't know if it was due to double fisting the drinks, but we were enjoying the night!

everyone say "cheese" terri schivo!!!

shane's just happy to not be driving anymore

chocolate boy tries to take our picture but ...

"wait! i'm not ready!!" squeals anita!

"i'm still not ready!!!!"

oh, we're all ready here!

it's almost time to go. and i think a clear sign of that is matting thrusting his pelvic region into the table.

go on with yer bad self, chocolate boy!

the weekend came to a close with a little celebration for brecken. his first birthday! britt and gabe threw the party at fresh salt, the bar around the corner from their apartment.

not quite sure what was going on.

coche serenades the birthday boy.

gabe lights the magnolia birthday cupcakes.

gabe feigns excitement over the "noisy" toy we gave him! haa haa haaaa!

apparently brecken didn't want to be held!

rock n' roll, dude!!! great party!!

well, the weekend had come to an end. what and adventure!
we still had a nice time together and not working!! it will be a good story to tell!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hold tight kids!
i know it's been a loooong time and no updates here.

it's been one hell of a month!

i'll have a fun new post up on tuesday, promise!

Monday, July 10, 2006

access granted!

i made an attempt to go to PS1 again this saturday, hoping that it wouldn't be sold out, like last weekend, as i rushed over to queens after work.

yay!! i got right in!

it was a great - there were a lot of people out but it wasn't too crowded like i sounded to be last weekend.

i was immediately met by the beer god - i mean shane - who personally know the beer god!
we got the hook up! all for! 2 tickets = 5 beers!

let the good times begin!
oh, and guess who was sitting next to us for a minute. rosie perez! she was all incognito in a hat and sunglasses. just chillin'.

this next picture may be NSFW ... scroll down quickly if you must.

shane decided to take off his backpack to reveal his ....


haha! look at the sweat mark!

mick shows how big some cock backs are.

this is mick's "get a load of this guy" face!

on the way to the bathroom, friends are made!

time to meet these crazy bartenders!

the girl (don't know her name!) shane, 50 euro, and marc.

a couple tickets are exchanged ....

and more than enough beers are received!

shane is having a very good night!

time to dance in the pool! take your shoes off!

sopping wet!

fun times!

waiting for the steam to rise.
my pants are a little see-through from the water! reminiscent of the red dress???

PS1 ended so we headed off the the beach again.

how can you pass up fun pictures with a big arrow on the wall along the way?

shane and mick made a friend along the way.

introducing, drew dean!

we also got a ride along the way to the beach from some nice random guys, sasha and michael. thanks!

mara and coche met us at the beach.

hey drew! were's your girl?!

mick shows off his new threads.

coche wants to learn the secret to get the beer hook-up at PS1.

time to chillax and enjoy the great evening.