Friday, November 25, 2005


sorry about the lack of posts. lisa was visiting this past week, and we were busy making blog-tastic memories!! i will fill you in more later.
let me just start with a picture of lisa hanging out at my place one night. i never realized how much she looks like paris hilton!!!

check it out!

time to bundle up!

brrrrr!! did it get cold!
time for millie to break out her cold-weather clothes!

here is millie modeling her green striped scarf. very preppy.

and here she is in her orange, puffy coat. i think it is too small, though!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

get with it.

i hear from the kids that MySpace is the way to go now.

so, i set up my account. i have a lot of work to do on it still! how do people make their's look all fancy and colorful??? i do have a cool song playing when you view my page, though!!!

Check me out!

now, all i need are friends! *hint hint*

Saturday, November 12, 2005

one word.

i am guilty of doing one of those annoying forwards recently, though this one was kind of interesting.

this is what it said:

"Describe me in ONE WORD...just one word! Send it to me only, then send
this message to your friends and see how many strange things people say
about you! This could be fun!"

it also warned you that "it takes a lot of guts to participate in!"
ohhhh ... what will people say about me!?!?!

here is what people said:
*level headed
*cool chick

(not everyone replied - nice friends, huh!?!)

slightly interesting ... i feel like i learned so much about myself through this exercise.

Friday, November 11, 2005

my obsession!

yes, i love my shoes! and i just got a new pair that i am soooo excited about!
i wanted something that i could wear to work, that would go with a lot of different outfits, and of course, with a slight edge...

here is what i found ...

serious in the front

but check out the heels!

i love my new marni shoes!

but check out who else was seen wearing them

(with the green heel, rather than yellow)

yep, mary-kate.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

my secret life!

one of my coworkers found this postcard,
and i love it!!!!

this is too perfect -
the bag, the skirt, the shoes!!!!