Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MisShapes Mischief!!!

(ok, ok. i promise! no more dumb misshapes puns!)

anita, lauren, and i had a little "girls nite out" on saturday and headed on over to MisShapes at Don Hills.

our first drink was actually at west lounge. very difficult to find. have you ever heard of west street? no? neither had we.
lauren strikes a pose.

girls nite!
and the night begins...

you know i have an obsession with taking pictures of shoes ...

MisShapes Shoes #1

MisShapes Shoes #2

MisShapes Shoes #3

lauren had to leave early. anita said, "bye!"

(she might not have really been saying that here, but it fits with the story line!)

i must sip my drink slowly.

we ran into some random people at the bar.

i had to try this guy's hat on. fun times.

i guess he was upset that i looked cuter that him in it!

this guy snapped out picture! uhh ohhh! what other site will our faces end up on!!!

and this friendly guy offered to show us his cock ring. a dream come true.

greg k
happy birthday, greg k!

misshapes madness!
this looks perfectly staged.

geo spins. we dance!

i don't know what the hell i am doing! dancing with myself?? who knows at 4am!

anita knows it is smart to get "in" with security! "oohhhh sir!!! we wouldn't do anything wrong!!

and so we headed out. as soon as i stepped outside, my feet were killing me!! i felt like i was walking on razor blades! owww! so what did i do, took my boots of! why not?! it's new york city, i have on white socks over my tights and looked, probably, like a complete asshole! but it felt soooo much better!
then some strange guys from staten island tried to walk with us. one guy kept referring to himself as "StickMan" - in the 3rd person. boots swiftly came back on, and in a cab we jumped! off for some late nite diner food!

and the end to another fun night!


the week isn't complete ...

... without a specimen show!

we went to dance listen to the boys at fontanas last wednesday.

a groupie!!!

everyone is intrigued with the dancing girl in front of the stage! where did she come from?!?!

michael and anita discuss how exciting Ladytron will be!! (can't wait!!)

later, matt and michael talk about the "jesus band" that followed the specimen. they were amazing.

*please note the "No Dancing" sign posted above. this warning was visible all over the venue. rules are meant to be broken though!

yes, all fun must eventually come to an end. but we were "shhh-ed!" as we exited the club by the bouncer. matt was quite pleased with himself for coining the phrase of the evening. (though anita will not remember this!)
"shhhhh!!!! the chinese are sleeping!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

do you need a change?

this week's issue of new york magazine offers us an insightful list on 12 ways to remake your boring old self.

but, the suggestions were, well, boring! grow organic tomatoes upstate? become a nun?? save a kid??? come on!


i much rather liked gawker's suggestions:

1. Dramatically embellish your public persona
2. Shoot your friend in the face
3. Make as many sex tapes as possible
4. Be Gay
5. Adopt an Ethiopian lovechild
6. Convert to Scientology
7. Cut your hair like Mick Mars and get on the Cobrasnake
8. Regularly go into rehab
9. Grow a moustache
10. Stop eating
11. Fuck someone in Maroon 5
12. Get a STD test

but one of their "commenters" also had a nice list:

1. Cancel subscription to New York magazine
2. Replace roomate's psychotropic medication with Velamints
3. File restraining order against parents
4. Hang around Time Warner Center in assless chaps
5. If you're not a celebrity, hire a publicist. If you are a celebrity, fire your publicist. If you are a publicist, kill yourself.
6. Bring a transvestite hooker to your family's seder
7. Challenge Kimora Lee Simmons to a crazy-off
8. Answer a craigslist ad and propose to the person in the very first email. Even if they're just selling a table or something.
9. Just go ahead and switch to scotch. The vodka isn't fooling anyone in the office.
10. Send a valentine to Vincent Gallo
11. Move to Staten Island and wait for all your friends to visit
12. Bankroll Maer Roshan's next project

What would you recommend to change your boring life?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


thank you iTunes!! what a wonderful gift for new music tuesday!

the free download of the week is "Ooh La La" by goldfrapp!!

get it while it's hot, kiddies!



i have such a crush on zach braff!

i just read that he is not engaged to mandy moore. (though of all the girls out there, i don't really mind her.) so maybe i still have a chance!

i've been having a garden state night. listening to the soundtrack. what a great movie! hmmm .....

*snap out of it!*

oh, so check it out. he also has his own blog! we are totally meant to be together!!

a girl can dream, right?!?!

Monday, February 20, 2006

another birthday!

i think february has the most birthdays than any other month!

saturday night was Lisa's birthday!! yeahhh!!!
we celebrated at Luke and Leroy's.
the dj for corrosion night played great music and we danced all night!

it didn't take lisa any time to start throwin' back a stella!

i haven't seen geanee in a while! and look closely at david's tie ...

... looks like lindsay has the same one! she's such a biter!

my eric!!! it's your mcgyver!!!

eric dances while donna has to obviously yell to tell lisa something.

kelly and i. so much love goin' on tonight!

lisa and donna start to undo eric's belt ...

... to reveal his blue "superman" undies!

lisa and i - gettin' crazy!

christine, marilyn, and lisa.

chris arrived with his crew!

i have the "drunk look" and lisa looks disgusted! what just happened!

lisa and chris dance while marilyn and sean put up their dukes in the background.


see the rest of the photo's from the evening on my flickr page!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


OMG! i can't stop listening tp warrant for some reason today!

i have had heaven and sometimes she cries on repeat all day!!!

and you know what? i am totally fine with it!


i guess i was board

i decided i needed to clean up and organize today. the problem is that i have too many clothes and not enough space. but yes, i know if you organize things neatly, you can maximize space!

so i decided to "board fold" my tee shirts to organize them better.

retail dork. i know.

ahh, but board folding is an art!

i don't have a folding board at home, but my recent issue of Nylon worked just fine.

folding over each side on a perfect crease, and so that all of the folds are the same width.

perfect! well, almost.


now everything fits neatly in my small dresser.

my closet is really small. everything is organized by "product class" light to dark, long to short.
it's tough when things are crammed in there! anyone know a good closet organizer!

since my closet isn't big enough, i have added a rolling rack for storage!
i also "merchandised" that the best i could!

i think i just have too much shit!

Friday, February 17, 2006

ghetto rock!

hello, bonjour!

soooo exciting!!!!

the pretty boys played at the trash bar in williamsburg on thursday!

galadriel is so fab!


here comes the cake!

happy birthday, alice!!!
(the birthday's never end this month!!!)

"hello, bonjour!"

yeah! when's the next show!!!