Tuesday, January 31, 2006

weekend round-up!

i just got over a well deserved 3-day weekend!! there was so much to do!!

i know you all are dying to find out what i did!!!


my weekend started on thursday night. the specimen played at don hills. i arrived a little late so i didn't get quite as many pictures as normal. (please feel free to refer to pinknest for additional photos!)

a blurry photo. so artistic!!

anita and i

michael and i doing our best vincent dinofrio impressions!!

too sexy!

hey mon!

as always ... great show, matt!


i spent friday afternoon visiting britt and brecken!

brecken is 6 months old now and is growing up so fast! he smiles, laughs, and is trying hard to walk! plus he was sooo excited to see me !!!!

those cheeks!!!

stand up there, kiddo!

baby and mom.

on friday night, we went to the new opaline for the record release party of amanda lepore and cazwell.

i don't go to those big sweaty, multi-level, clubs, with the long coat check lines, and all of the underage kids any more. i felt a little old ... until the music started playing!!!

how crazy that i immediately ran into dunbar and andrew!!

the first half hour or so, anita tried to get in touch with brooke and describe where we were via text messaging.

then brooke arrived ...


cazwell and amanda performed! i couldn't get any good pictures though. but amanda's hair looked fierce!!

love the swag!

matt rocks out ...


boys make out!

time to dance!!!

there were other pictures ... but they were a little NSFW!! if you really want to view my "wardrobe malfunction" go check out my flickr photoset.


not much happened ... slept in quite a bit ... walked millie ... pretty much a lazy day - and i loved it!


ok, this was the last day of my long weekend so i had to live it up!
i wanted to eat brunch at my favorite spot here, in park slope, Beso. they have the best french toast ever!! yuummmm! but i slept late and didn't have time to go. (they ususally have an outrageous line there.) so i called for take-out! i could eat my french toast in my pyjamas!

now these pictures look a little gross, but you have to imagine the gooey chocolate in betwen the 2 thick slices of bread with the plaintains on top!!! heaven!

after laying around some more, i met Jaymonde at the south street seaport to see the Bodies Exhibition.

it was fascinating! not as disgusting as i thought it would be. but leave it up to jaymonde and i to notice and wonder about the most random things. for example, you could still see little anus hairs on the dead bodies! (yep, we checked!), and how do they transport the bodies without all of the bones and veins and things falling apart??

unfortunately, no photos allowed. so sad. bloggers and photogs who visit all need a moment to get themselves together when this is learned. what to do?!?!

moving on ...

the nailbiters where playing at the mercury lounge at night, so gabe watched brecken (thank you!!!) so that britt could come out to the show!! you know it has been quite awhile since she has gone out with out a baby!

britt and i!!

jordi came out too!

some nailbiter action shots ...

(check out more nailbiter photos here!!!)

the nailbiters make me go crazy!!!

britt has a halo!

good show, dave. i'm drunk now.

the absolute last photo of the night. bad times only to follow ... lets just say, i should have had more to eat on than just the french toast on sunday ....

what a way to end the weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

shakin' that ass!

looking for something to do this week?

how about few concerts.

thursday ... TONIGHT!!!


the nailbiters

at the mercury lounge
sunday, jan 29th. 10pm

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

all up in my bizzzness

so i had one of those weird, random train experiences tonight on the way home.
i was standing there on the full, rush hour D train. i'm minding my own business, not making eye contact with anyone. i do notice this guy - a random, uninteresting middle aged guy- organizing packages of oscar meyer lunch meat in his back pack. no biggie though, whetevs.

he then taps my shoulder, and here it goes ...

Lunch Meat Man: "Hi! How are you!"
Me: "Umm, fine." (looking away again)
LMM: "I really like your bag! Who makes it?!"
Me: (why does this goof give a fuck? like he would know designers anyways.) "It's LAMB, by Gwen Stefani."
LMM: "That is lamb?!?! Really?!" (obviously excited about the meat reference.)
Me: "No, Gwen Stefani, the singer ... " (jesus!)
*ps - i am wondering if all of the people around us are listening to this right now!*
LMM: "Oh yeah. She sings that Japanese music."
Me: (whever, please stop.)
LMM: "So, are you a New Yorker?"
Me: (thinking, hello! i'm on this packed train during rush hour, going to brooklyn, not times square!) "yep."
LMM: "A native New Yorker?"
Me: "No, I'm from Chicago." (Damn, why did I give away info!!)
LMM: "So are you single?"
Me: "No."
LMM: "It always happens that way ..."

i'm sure it does for you buddy, i'm sure it does ...

so this is me, carrying my LAMB bag!

ok, it doesn't really look like that! but that could be fun!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

happy birthday, carlos!

carlos celebrated his 29th birthday on saturday night.
kelly and i wanted to make it a quick and easy night since i had to work so early on sunday morning. (horrible, i know.)
perfect then! carlos and tim recently moved to park slope! so we are practically neighbors!!!


it took us a good 30 minutes to walk there!

needless to say, we needed a drink as soon as we arrived!

kelly hit the bottle!

happy birthday carlos! i finally made it to your new home!!

there wasn't a birthday balloon, but instead a "get well" balloon. is that kind of like saying "be well?" hey, any balloon is festive!

heya tim! haven't seen you in awhile!!

they had a weight set in the back room. totally had to make use of this!!!

please stop laughing at this picure! i really lift weights all of the time!

i think i need my protective gear.

much better!

who am i ... that's right!! hey sexy bitches!!!!

big sunglasses are HOT!

then kelly and i spent way too much time in the bathroom taking random pictures. (some could not make it to the blog ... too random!!!)

(my Lohan pose)

and everyone gathered around for a birthday photo!

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Monday, January 23, 2006

so long, farewell!

it's bittersweet. i got a promotion at work, which is great! but the sad thing is that i have to go to another store. *tear*

so kat, sarah, andrew, and carla took me out on wednesday to celebrate my now job and say goodbye!

we went to Lucy, near union square. yummy drinks!!!

drink #1. watermelon mojito. mmmmm.....

sarah showing off the beautiful ring that earl got her!!

drink #2. some strawberry thing with egg whites?? but it was delish!

andrew, sarah , and i

drink#3. (gettin' silly!) i wanted an el presidente on ice with a little lime juice. i have had it before at various places. the waitress had no clue what i was talking about so she brought be an el presidente, a glass of ice, and a glass of lime juice. thanks! i'll mix it myself!

the "team"!

(kat and i ended up in hoboken!)
don't miss me too much, kat!!!

and the drum roll please .....

a classic molly ending to the evening....

me falling out of the cab at the end of the night!!!

that is my ghetto-photoshop work! no, that isn't really me! but a prize to the lucky winner who can guess who the other person who tripped (and peed) in public last week!!!