Saturday, July 30, 2005

my heart belongs to dani

there is only one thing i will miss about my (former) neighborhood ...
Dani's Pizza!

seriously the BEST pizza in new york!!!! you can saw whatever you want about joe's and rays's and whoever, but most of you have never been to queens, let alone kew gardens, to even know about this pizza! it's something about the sauce that is amazing!

dani's has been around for like 50 years. everyone in the neighborhood loves to come here. i thought it was so dumb when this place opened directly across the street...

now, who is Singa? and what makes him so famous? and what makes him think that he could possibly compete with dani's?!?!

i'll come back to queens someday, even if it is just for the pizza!

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Friday, July 29, 2005

is this necessary?

you can really discover a lot about yourself as you pack up all of your belongings.
i was packing up my bathroom stuff and i didn't realize what it had ...

dude! do i have enough lip glosses and lip sticks!?!?
19 lip glosses, 30 lipsticks, and a handful of pencils - i had to count.

and i didn't throw any of them away!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the final countdown!

there are only 4 more days 'til i move!

one thing i definitely will not miss about living in queens is taking this damn bus! almost every day for 4 years i have waited for the f*ing Q10. Waited as it shows up whenever it wants, no real schedule. watched as perfectly empty buses drive right past, as me and 5 other people stand at the stop. stood, crammed on the bus, while being immersed in the most disgusting B.O. odor i have ever smelled - gagging!!! the only entertainment are the occasional cross-dressers and transvestites that ride the bus.

did i say i can't wait to move???

so here is just another day in my wonderful commute.

me, waiting for the bus.

looking down the street. no bus in sight.

damn you, Q10!! i'm gonna be late!!!

and just to top it off, i was 10 minutes late to work. but actually not due to the bus. the F train was taken out of service when i was just 3 stops from my job. i can't win!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it's been a while

sorry i have been slackin' on the posts lately. i've been so busy ...

anyways, thanks to gaby who sent a funny email the other day.
check out this picture ... look closely to the mirror. why can i imagine myself doing that!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

TomKat spreading the word!

i had to laugh when i found this letter on top of my mailbox today.

(i tried to make it bigger so you can see - it is from the Church of Scientology)

from the looks of tom and katie, is this really true???

(i especially like how the person who got it in their mailbox clearly wrote all over the envelope that it is not theirs!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

movin' on!

well, i'm finally moving out of queens ... and i can't wait!!!!! brooklyn, here i come!!!!
i'm still trying to figure out what the neighborhood is called - some say park slope, some say boroum hill. if you know, let me know! i'm a few blocks from the atlantic/pacific train station, and a mere 20 minutes to work!!! no more bus!!! woooo hoooo!

here is a bird's eye view of my new hood. (the big white box in the center is my pad).

Friday, July 08, 2005

rules are for fools!

the mta thinks it can clean up the subway by enforcing a few rules, that actually aren't even new. so now we can't drink open beverages on the trains. whatever. but there is no rule about eating! so please, continue to eat your nasty, stinky, mc donalds, popeye's, and chinese food.
but TimeOut NY had a few great suggestions on rules that the MTA should really enforce.

i am going to add a few more suggestioins:
1. deoderant is required at all times
2. can ya just let people off the train before pushing to get on!
3. heavy PDA on the train is just not cool.

please feel free to add more necessary rules!

if you need any more help while riding the trains, i'm sure ms. subways can help you!

bye, kevin!

everyone at my job loves to work with kevin - what a great guy!! we were so upset when we found out that he is moving to LA (acutally, on friday!!!) we had to all go out and bid him farewell! here are a few snapshots of how the night went ...

geanee, jenn, david, (lisa and I) hanging out ...

then it was time for beer pong! i think i am the only person in the city who hasn't played before!

needless to say, i wasn't very good.

david was a good partner though

me and kev.

he wanted to take a picture of my shoes. i naturally thought that was a great idea!

crazy "mr handle bars" wouldn't leave lisa and i alone!! (where will we run into each other next?!?!)

lisa and kevin.

best of luck in LA!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i'm proud to be an american! (updated)

well, actually, i'm just proud ... or happy ... to have friends who have a great roof deck with a perfect view for watching the fireworks!

i spent the 4th with britt, gabe, mara, and coche at britt and gabe's new apartment.

if you can't tell, britt is going to have her baby any day!!!

what a view!! the brooklyn bridge is so photogenic!

at least we didn't have to fight the crowds to see the fireworks ...

like these people! ha ha!!

a sample of the fireworks

ohhh ...

ahhhh ...

britt and i watching the show.

gawker had a funny post on us hipsters watching the fireworks. i think some of these comments were spoken on the roof deck.

Friday, July 01, 2005

eye candy

ok, i love makeup and beauty products probably more than the average girl. there's the lip venon, the straightening iron, and layers of lip gloss. i honestly don't mind all of the prcocedures! but this looks absoulutly bizarre!