Wednesday, August 31, 2005

easily entertained

yeah, i'm a dork. this sign made me laugh when i walked past it tonight in chinatown.

it's the little things in life. like uranus or dyker heights.

ha! just chuckled again there!

i will never forget!

i can't help it, but ever since the horrible "waiting game" i played with Time Warner Cable when i moved, i still get a little heated when i see thier stupid vans sitting around. and today when i left work, i saw 2!! within a half a block of eachother ... just chillin' in their vans!

you know there is some pissed off person somewhere, just waiting for them to arrive! hopefully they will get a month of service for free as well!

Monday, August 29, 2005

to do

want to kick off your week with some rock n' roll?

go and check out my friend dave's band, the nailbiters.

when: tonight! (monday) at 10:30pm
where: the mercury lounge
why: do you really need a reason to go to a show?

just don't do it!!!

remember when we used to read glamour magazine and they had the Do's and Don'ts section?
that is amature compared to what vice has to offer!
these photos are true "don'ts" that you actually see on the street!!! ( i love the commentary provided!)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

need a hobby?

try your hand at guessing if these pictures found on the web are real or fakes.
(note - you will not find tara reid's boobs on this quiz, that would be too easy).
i scored a 66%. how good are you?
urband legends

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a tale of two blogs

if you are reading this blog, you are probably a bit like me, in that you also regularly read other blogs on a daily basis.
no?! you actually have better things to do with you time!?! whatever!

anyways, the most random thing happened the other day, proving that blogging is a very small world!
i get this email from a guy i don't know, saying that a friend of his found his picture on my blog. she thought we might have known each other. he said he didn't know me but remembered the picture.
(go back here ... it's the 7th picture down.)
now, he told me that his friend who discovered this coincidence is mariana, whose blog i frequently read. (this girl has quite a shoe obsession! i completely relate!!)
so i go back to her blog and find this (6th pic down)!!!!
the dude who practically fell on lisa and i at that cheesy bar is friends with a blogger that regularly read!
sounds a little unimportant, but it was actually pretty hilarious.

so in honor of tom, aka, "mr. handlebars", i am editing my previous post and removing "creepy" from his caption, since i am pretty sure he is probably a nice guy - just a little tipsy that night!

life lesson: New York is soooo small!!

a dog's life

it was such a great day yesterday that i knew millie would not want to sit at home inside. so we jumped on the N train and headed for the city!
we first stopped by my job (sorry, no pics). she wanted to see when i spend my time when i leave her.
next, off to the dog park in union square. millie had fun running around but we left when some bitchy lady complained about millie barking. whatever, dogs bark. and she was just playing.

after walking down broadway towards soho, millie got thirsty. so the lady at dean and deluca gave her some water.

we stopped in the apple store. she was bored. and the glass stairs freaked her out. (that was actually funnny!)

millie is so damn cute! while we were eating at a cafe in nolita, she was peaking out at the people walking by. so undercover!

we continued to walk around even more, but soon it was time to go home. this is how ridiculas millie looks in her "subway dog carrier" (aka ikea laundry bag.)

when we got home, millz was so tired that she just fell into her bed. she could barely keep her eyes open!

what a day!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

random stuff

radio nova
my new obsession ... and it's not shoes!
britt introduced me to this great French radio station. i have had it on continuously for the past 3 days! it is a lot of "chill" music, everything from feist, bjork, the beatles, morcheeba, and a lot of things i have never heard of but completely enjoy!

this site makes me feel good to know that i am not the only one who has had credit card problems in the past. i think she has a great solution to over-spending! i feel her pain every time she talks about walking in to urban! *sigh*

it's 4 am, you are drunk and hungry, and your friends can't remember where that all-night diner is. if you know the name of the place, use this great new feature on your cell phone! text the name of the place you are looking for - resturant, store, whatever - to 46645 and in a matter of seconds, google will text you back the address and phone number! save money on 411! (but pay for text messaging - hey, nothing's free)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

check him out

everyone has a band, everyone is a musician.
if you want to hear some good indie pop/rock music, go and check out my friend stephen's music on myspace.
Mor Amour

but i can't forget about dave!
the nailbiters are slowly taking over NY!!!

rock n' roll forever!!!!


I'm Back!!!

Whoo Hooo!
I know you all have been waiting eagerly for this day ... Molly has returned to blogging!
Sorry about the lack of posts, but it has been pretty hectic since my move.
So much has been going on ...

Most importantly, I have moved!!!
Moving day was quite a bitch.
I had so many boxes ... of who knows what! I just gave up labeling them.

millie was a little upset to leave. (dogs are so sensitive!)

But once we literally shoved my boxes into my new apartment, I had to pop the champagne!!

I am soooo happy in my new hood! Park Slope is great! What the hell was I doing in Queens for 4 years? Millie loves it too. She goes on so many walks and all of the neighbors know her!
She loves people-watching out the window. This is her, looking very serious, when we first moved in.

So one of the worst things about moving is changing your utilities. I can deal with not having a phone, lights can be replaced with candles, and who needs heat in the sweltering summer? All I needed was cable for my computer! Can I tell you that i waited 2 days off from work - a total of 11 hours and 36 minutes for Time Warner Cable!?!? Absolutely insane! I thought that I was going to go nuts on the technician when he showed up at my door, but he was so nice and apologized profusely! He kept saying, "Please don't be mad at me!" At that point I already got a free month of service so I was a little bit calmer. I was so happy to have my mac working again!!!

After everything has calmed down and I am feeling settled, I realized that I needed a "me day".
I got a manicure/pedicure, a haircut, and .... most importantly ...

I have been eyeing these for a while! ohhhh! and they were finally on sale at Girlshop!!!! whoo hooo!

(ummm, yeah, i can barely walk in them though. wicked high, super unpractical, and those who know me, know i live in heels. lisa, stop laughing.)