Sunday, April 30, 2006

spring break 2006: day 5

the nailbiters played at fat baby on thursday night to kick-off a marathon of concerts!

and the boys made an addition to the band for one song tonight.

yasmine iliya was the guest performer.

andy and i were happy to find out that drinks are cheaper on the upper level. we didn't know why, but they will get our business!

hey lisa, like my necklace!

so rockstar, bringing his guitar to the bar!

andy and i headed off to the johnson's for some cheap bear.

fun with glasses!

plastic covered furniture and PBR. just keepin' it real!

and we ended the night with a bite at dash dog.
the guys there didn't know how to make a "chicago style dog". they didn't even have sliced tomatoes!

wait, no. this is when the night officially ended!

why did i think i needed this!! horrible!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

to do: be a groupie.

if you want to rock out into the weekend, go to these shows!

thursday (tonight!)

who: the nailbiters
place: fat baby, 112 rivington at ludlow.
time: 9pm
why: bunnys are cute! and so are these boys!


who: the specimen
place: the continental
time: 11pm
why: they are already in the movies!!


who: pretty boy
place: cbgb's
time: 8pm
why: ghetto rock to the top!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

spring break 2006: day 3


ha ha! just kidding!

anita and i met up for lunch and shopping!

we decided to meet in the meatpacking district at sascha for lunch since we had both never been there before.

we started with some pretty drinks.

anita had a bellini, and i had an aphrodisiac! (front)
i like how they looked so simple without any garneshing. almost like a picture from Real Simple magazine!

i had the grilled salmon. there were fresh vegetables hidden underneath.

anita had the crab cakes ... with perfectly red tomatoes.

after lunch, it was time for some shopping.
we hit up girlshop, scoop, and ended at the renowned jeffrey. ahhh shoes galore!!!

it was too much to handle! we had to have another drink!

off to the hotel gansevoort for a cocktail on their roof deck!

it was great! there was nobody there! the whole roof to ourselves! well, we did have to share with the slightly cocky bartender. since it seemed so "vacationy" up there, i decided to drink something fruity and fun. but the bartender wasn't too thrilled with my choice since it required shaking and mixing. but he reluctantly made the $15 libation. thanks, buddy!

anita's "now that's what i'm talkin' about" jack and diet, next to my orange puree dacarii/martini thing.

some views from above:


the pool at soho house.

anita daydreams.

a few rooftop lounging poses:

it was getting warm on the deck. i don't know if it was the sun or the potent drinks, but we decided to go re-shoping at girlshop. i kind of had my eye on this dress.

but unfortunately, it sold out after just a few hours! oh well.

michael met up with us, so back to gansevoort for a few more drinks.

then it was off to soho on a search for sunglasses for michael.

the night came to an end with dinner at mexican radio.

plantains stuffed with beef! yum!!!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

and i thought i couldn't spell.

look carfully at this picture.

anyone see what is wrong here???

ok, i'll tell you.

the spell checker on my BLOG doesn't recognize the word "blog"!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

spring break 2006: day 2

time for some spring cleaning. long over due!
i stocked up on supplies and organizations things at the container store and target. too much fun! it's so easy to go overboard at those stores!

so i know this doesn't sounds like fun to most people, but i cleaned all afternoon! i mean, moved furniture, got into hard-to-reach places, found stuff i though i lost.
what a feeling of accomplishment.

after my long day, i wanted to treat myself. i decided to make a nice dinner.

i had seen this dish that anita made on her blog and it looked so good! herb-baked eggs i wanted to give it a shot. remember though, i can't cook! my idea of cooking is humus and pita, every night! so this is a big deal!

this is what anita's dish looked like. yum!

but cooking is such a chore! i had to buy all of the ingredients (of course, i don't have any herbs at home) and then there were the emails back and forth about what dish i should cook the eggs in! i swear i pitty the guy i marry someday! he will starve!
so after 2 glasses of wine as i prepared the meal ....


this was the final outcome:

not too bad! actually, a success for me!
and it tasted good! (which is most important!)


spring break 2006: day 1

ahhh! time to relax!
so i headed off to favorite qi gong place.

yeah, qi gong in china town isn't as fancy as a full body massage at bliss, but i love it! they are awesome and do a great job. i feel so relaxed afterwards! and no funny jokes here ... there is no "special treatment" or "happy endings" going on at this joint.

and it's so cheap! $42 for 61 minutes! (61 minutes? what's up with that? yeah, i don't know either.)

no stress!

and a "welcome back" to jordi, who finally made it home after her 3 week vacation to japan! it was great to finally see you again!

kickin' off spring break 2006!

at 10pm on saturday night, my vacation officially started!! woo-hoo!
david and i toasted to my well-deserved break from the j.o.b. with a "champaign celebration" (perfectly named!) at bar 89!

i tried to capture the "celebration" part of the drink in photo, but the fizziness didn't last for long. oh, well, it still tasted yummy!

and since i needed something to munch on, a basket of fries hit the spot.
yeah, fries and champagne, classy!

david and i snap a pic on the way out.

oh! did i mention that it was pouring rain on saturday night!!!
umm ... try catching a cab on a saturday night, in soho, in the rain!! not easy!

this is me. finally in a cab. soaking wet! grrrr ......

i finally make it to luke and leroy's and meet up with sarah, nick, and andrew ... after attempting to dry off for 10 minutes in the bathroom. thank god for hand dryers! too bad they didn't have the xlcelerator hand dryers that are at pizza bar!

andrew looks a little wet too!

things already start to get a little wacky!


nick has to remind me that "you always want someone who is unavailable ..." gee, thanks!

not quite sure who this girl is, but don't worry she knows nothing!!! thank god!

apparently, as the night goes on, you are demoted from actual glass glasses for your drink to cheap-o plastic cups. still, i sip away!

i think this is a good sign of when to call it a night, when this creepy dude, walks by and shoots laser beams at sarah through his eyes! yikes!

Friday, April 21, 2006


I found this on gawker this morning. classic!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

i can't get enough!

i am obsessed with the new sounds album, dying to say this to you!!!
sometimes all i want is to dance around and sing along with some raw-sounding girlie-rock!

i've been listening on repeat for the past 5 days!!

i can't get enough of:
"tony the beat"
"night after night"
"much too long"
... the whole album!

go and check it out!


random stuff #4

a collecting of news and junk i found laying around the web.

  • luke and leroys just can't cut it ever since misshapes left. gawker

  • gwyneth knows how to play tha game. perez

  • i never thought that pigs were cute ... until now. cute overload

  • no comment! just see for yourself! youtube
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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    it's about time for another commuting tragedy in NY!

    there's a reason normal new yorkers don't really ride the goofy little trams that go over the east river, from roosevelt island to 59th st.

    isn't the first thing you do when you ride something like this is peer down at the water, way way below and say, "man! what would happen if we got stuck up here?!?!"

    this is what happens.
    sucks to be them right now!

    here comes the rescue basket!

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    the ultimate procrastination. the story of my life.

    ugh. it is sunday night, monday morning, however you want to look at it, and i still have yet to finish my taxes!!! i know, i know. i have been talking about this for a long time! and i have been working on it ... in bits and pieces. i just can't settle down and just finish! now i am paying the price! the pressure!!!!!

    so what do i do in the meantime?
  • wash dishes

  • perfect fold my clothes

  • BLOG!

  • watch horrible "made for tv" movies!

  • there was a great one on abc tonight! ( i love these sunday night movies!)
    the feature tonight was "when innocence is lost".


    this was the dummist movie!! and i couldn't stop watching!
    so this is what happens (i hope i don't ruin it for you!):
    erica and scott have a baby when they are in high school. erica is young and in school, and doesn't have a lot of money so she is informed of this new concept called "child support" and takes scott to court so he will pay up! scott is ordered to pay $12 a week in child support and is he is thoroughly upset! scott and his family are outraged that the baby is sent to daycare since erica is going to college on a full scholarship, that they now take her to court to get custody of the baby. the judge feels that erica is not a suitable parent and transfers custody to the father (aka the parent). this gets the whole town up in an uproar! the news is covering every moment of this captivating story! how could a woman be penalized for sending her child to daycare! the women must unite!
    ok, at his point, i had enough. i mean, first of all, $12 a week for child support! was this in like, 1952?!
    and then, when does a judge deem a mother unfit to care for her own child just because she sends her to daycare?! I had to see when this movie was made so that i would better understand how stupid it was. it was made in 1997!!!!
    i can't even talk about this anymore.

    back to taxes.

    omg. i'm done!

    i had a slight freak-out at 4am when after i e*filed (which i thought would be the most efficient considering the time i had) i found out that within 24-48 hours, you get an email, stating if your return was accepted by the irs. then you could print and sign and mail. nooooooo! i don't have 48 hours! that was the whole point of e*filing!!!! so i tried to do the live chat with h&r and the person basically said i would be late and penalized! so why don't i just fill out the paperwork manually at this point and mail it in?! i was so upset! i couldn't even sleep. but i couldn't get any answer until the phone lines were open at 8 am. so i laid in bed.

    after waiting on hold forever, this nice woman told me not to worry. as long as i submitted my efile by the 17th, it is good as postmarked by the 17th. whew!!the signature can come later. thank god!

    the good thing is that technically we have until the 18th in NY due to some patriot holiday.

    lesson learned: e*filing is super easy. next time don't wait until the last minute.

    yeah, right!

    update!!: i just got my acceptance email! hahaha! it's all good! perfect timing!


    on saturday night, the lucky few - anita, matt, brook, michael, and i - went to the long awaited Ladytron concert at irving plaza!

    the music was great, sounded perfect. though it was not a very "dynamic" show. (michael's words!)

    i'll call this "mood lighting: the reds"

    (one of my better photos.)

    "mood lighting: ahh, nature!"

    (i think this was "international dateline")

    anita displays me.

    my best view was by watching the tv in the balcony.

    sucks being short.

    the girls.

    after the show, we headed over to revival for a drink and for the ...

    the official ladytron afterparty!!!

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