Friday, September 29, 2006


i have the best boyfriend ever!
look at the beautiful flowers i got yesterday, for no reason!
love love!

the adventures of molly.

hey y'all! everyone has been asking about me and the blog! where have we been? what's going on?
well, i finally had some free time today and am ready to fill you in.

there have been a lot of changes in the life of molly lately. first of all i moved out of my beloved neighborhood in brooklyn (*tear* ... wait, i'm over it now!)

here is shane displaying his moving abilities during my move. thanks, snugs!!

but i must have fallen flat on my head wearing my kenneth cole flats and then suffered some major head trauma because i decided to move to yonkers! yep, i'm in westchester!!! it's acually not that bad! i have an awesome apartment! not only have i moved up in the world to a one bedroom, but i now have a dishwasher, central air, and a washer and dryer (all utilities included!) sweet jams!! oh, and i also now have countertops and a super new bathroom! how did i ever live in that mess before?? but wait, that's not all. those of you who know me are well aware of my clothing and shoe obsession. remember the rolling rack i used to have in the middle of my room due to lack of closet space? the rolling rack is gone because i now have a walk in closet dressing room!!

check out this shit! it is double the lengh of what you see here! a retail girls heaven!

the other great thing about my apartment is this

this crazy bear is sitting on the steps of my apartment! WTF?!?! love it! WHAZZUP has become my new "phrase that pays"!!!

but the best part about moving is that i am now minutes away from shane! no more commutes from brooklyn to yonkers to see eachother!

along with the new apartment, i have a new job!

i am loving about the new store i am working for! it is absoloutely beautiful! the product, the atmosphere, the people, even the smell! and i'm back working in rockefeller so back to annoying tourists watching the today's show, businessey folks, but better lunch choices!!

so that is what has been going on with me. i am now back, in full attack! the next few posts will be slightly out dated but will further catch you up on my adventures!



Monday, September 11, 2006

i am alive!!!

hey everyone!
sorry, i have been lacking in the blog world lately. i moved on the 1st of the month and still don'e have internet service. plus i have been super busy settling into my new place ... that i LOVE!!!!! no pics yet since they are on my computer. soon enough...

i also started a new job today!! yaaa whoooooo!!!! i am so happy!
things are working out great! the apartment, the job ....

i will have so much to blog about very soon! stay tuned!


Friday, September 01, 2006

the big day.

well, this is it gang! it's moving day! finally!!
my day was pushed forward by two days by the now former psycho landlandy, so i have to completely finish packing today so that we can get it out of here tonight! (more coffee, please!)

also, i have to turn off my cable today, so there will be no blogging for a couple of days. hopefully i will get the new place hooked up asap and it won't be as difficult as last time!

i'm a little sad to be leaving brooklyn. i would have liked to have gone to dinner to a couple of my favorite neighborhood resturants or had a drink a union hall again, but this week was just so hectic with work and the move that i barely had time to think! it's not like i'm moving to another state though. i can always jump on the train and come back!

back to packing!