Wednesday, September 28, 2005

random stuff #2

Saks says "You're baaaaaaad!"
page six

Century 21 thinks that after 4 years, "people probably can just laugh about it now" and use a horrible play on words.
low culture

Those Japanese are so wacky!!! This is a great idea for a game show!
"Who is faking it?!"

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Monday, September 26, 2005

i am so trying out for this!!!

yeah, right!!!

didn't do it in high school ... won't do it now!

house party!!!

i've been in my new apartmentnow for 2 months, and finally had my house warming party!!!
it was was a good time!



and babies....wait a minute!

brecken is too cute!

but i decided to do something different. i wanted to open my blog up to my dear friends and let say whatever was on their minds. (or just say wonderful things about me!)
so here is what happens when i leave my computer on and keep the beer flowing ...

Name: Jose “Coche” Luis Gonzalez Figueroa Cardenas

Yes, that’s my name and don’t leave any of it out! Guaca-molly is one crazy chickita and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nice place, nice blog, nice dog . . . well, you could lose the dog. Peace.

Name: Gabriel “gabrielito” regentin – pancho villa

Yes, that is also part of my name, you can disregard the Regentin me pancho villa.
Whack-a-molly’s in gawker, blogger, blogsphere, blogged, le blog… she’s la crème de la crème – boulle.

Name: Thrakazog, the Czar of Gruttonia
Mollie’s attempts to open diplomatic relations with our nation have been futile. Social interaction is no match for the unstoppable juggernaut of Gruttonia’s will to dominate. Depsite the delicious hummous and delightful chocolate and butterscotch dessert, I am afraid that the die has been cast: Gruttonia will prevail, and Mollie’s regime will fade like the dying light of dusk.

Name: Ed

I sure am glad that asshole Thrakazog left. What a dick. Anyway, thanks for having us over, Mollie. It was great to see Millie and your friends. I had a great time. Don’t let that clown from Gruttonia bug you – he’s been having a lot of trouble lately…you know, he still lives in his parents’ basement, and doesn’t get out much. He’s harmless, though.
Thanks again!

Name: Tim

What the hell is this music you’re playing. There’s some lipsyncing going on. Dog Dancing. I think I’m still too sober for this. Maybe a shot of heroin in my eyeball will do the trick… yep, that does it. Shit, I think I’m made of paper mache and igloos. I like salsa.

well that was fun! peace out!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

i need a break!

i got a little vacation from work so i was able to spend some quality time with family and friends.
my dad came to visit for a few days. we went to a few museums, did central park, and ate, typical stuff...

while at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, my dad tried to explain the difference between the different helicopters and stuff, but i was more interested in the funny shoes that the mannequins were wearing! i actually saw those hurrachies at Urban Outfitters over the summer!

i also was diggin' this dog wearing sunglassses.

i don't know who looks crazier is thier glasses - the dog or me! (i'm wearing my bugged out, nicole richie glasses!)

ahh yes, so interesting. here is me pondering the detailed work on some jet (or wondering what we will eat for lunch!)

all jokes aside, i had a great time with my dad!

after dropping my dad off at the airport, birtt and i jumped inter the fabulous chrysler she rented and we were off to Reading, Pennsylvania!!!! fun times ahead!!!
really, her mom was out there on a business trip, so we just decided to go and meet her.
most of the trip consisted of baby Brecken eating, burping, pooping, and sleeping
the trunk makes for a great changing table.

we spent our two days feeling like we were in suburbia, driving around in parking lot mazes, eating at Outback, Olive Garden, and Arbies, and shopping at TJ Max and Target! it was greeeeeeaaaaaat!
the funny thing was that our hotel thought it was necessariy to have a "catchy theme" so they called themselves the "Fashion Center" (or something like that) and everything at the hotel related to a corney fashion theme.
dude, britt and I are from NYC and work in the fasion industry. this award should have totally gone to us:

but i'm sure darleen has great style.

so i will leave you with these beautiful landscapes photos from the drive back to new york ...

... ahhhh, refreshing .... now get me back to the city!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

celebrity- way calling

not a lot of blogging lately - it's been a long week.

but this completely made me laugh today! - and i needed it!

laughs provided by junk feud

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

no labor this weekend

it was a pretty fun-filled and much needed labor day weekend!

i started off friday night by hanging out in the hood with dave and his fellow band members of the the nailbiters
check out my cool photography

me and dave

it was labor day weekend - we had to BBQ! so up to ed's roof on saturday night for burgers

sunday night, david and helen and i went to Park for some dancin'

helen is a crazy dancer! she had no problem getting on that stage and shakin' her ass!
here she is dancing with the "leopard man"

now, david and i saw a strange resemblance between this crazy club kid

and this leopard man
thanks to cityrag for the link!

i actually didn't have to work on monday, so we went to prospect park to picnic and hang.

me and millie relaxing.

ugh. back to work on tuesday.

Friday, September 02, 2005

nobody does it better

junk feud put together this great photo montage of celebrities doing the paris pose.

naturally, i'm obsessed and always perfecting my pose!