Friday, May 26, 2006

treat time!

so after my earlier post, i knew that i had to take millie on a visit to buttercup's paw-tisserie when they are actually open and get her some snacks!

"wipe your paws!"

millie checks out the selection.

there were so many different "cookies" to choose from so i told the lady just to give us a random selection for a barkers-dozen!

millie eyes the doggie birthday cake! umm ... not today kiddo!

displaying her bag o' treats.

i let her choose which treat she wanted first. she picked the oregano smelling bone. i don't know if she really liked it best or if it was just closest to her!

here she is telling me how much she liked the treats. see how amazed i am that she is speaking!?!

yes, i am a goofy dog owner!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

happy day!

this made my morning!


i bet you can't watch it just once!

ring ring ring ring ring ...

thanks, cute overload!

pretty please!

as millie and i were taking a walk down 5th ave last night, we walked past buttercup's paw-tisserie, a fancy, gourmet pet shop, specializing in all natural, handmade treats for dogs.

millie immediately made a bee-line to the door. (which had the gate down at this point since it was late.)

she is so cute! she would not budge from the stoop of the store. she just knew there were treats inside!

i guess she though that if she waited there patiently long enough, someone would let her in and give her tons of tasty treats!

i guess i have to take here there tomorrow when they are open - just for being so cute! what a push-over!


Monday, May 22, 2006

to be a kid again!

shane and i took a walk through battery park on wednesday.
there must be something about a park that makes you digress in age by about 20 years!!!

we were amazed by all the fun things that people left behind!

first we found these little shoes sitting on a bench.

they're little star wars shoes! some kid is probably super upset to have lost these shoes!
umm, but on that note, how did he get home? barefoot?!

well look at that!

a little pair of poopy pants!!! great! some kid got his roll-up cargos dirty and the nice nanny decided to leave them on the bench

next ...

the lone doll. so sad.

the park had these great gargoyle like dog heads lining the wall that have spouts in their mouths that spray water! these downtown kids have it all.

wait ... an idea!

grab mini rake to pick up soiled pants ...

pant on dog spout!

yeah, fun times!

but that's not it!
you can't go to a playground after hours and not go on the rides!

check out the cool old school looking merry go round!


aww yeah ...

down the spiral slide!

and flat on your ass!

enough fun for one night!

hold on! our mission of finding random articles of clothing continued while walking back.

el solo sombrero on west broadway.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


the night was finally here! on monday, anita, matt, kelly, and i went to irving plaza to attend the long awaited goldfrapp concert!
this was apparently a special performance by goldfrapp as they have been supporting depeche mode on tour, most recently at jones beach on may 13th.
as soon as i found out tickets were on sale, i picked up the max allowed at the box office. thank god, since it quickly sold out!

my coveted ticket to the sold out show!

it was such an awesome performance! alison goldfrapp is amazing! so hot! the entire show, 2 big fans were in front of her, giving her a "wind blown" look all night.

this was the opening of the concert. alison's silhouette in a blue light.

the stage in blue and green. the lighting was amazing and added so much to the performance.

the mood switches to red.

her hair blowing in the wind.

on that note, i think that if i had 2 big fans blowing in my face for a good hour, my contacts would be crusted to my eyes! maybe she doesn't wear contacts.

i loved the bassist and his "sytlin'" pose.

the crowd is mesmorized.

this was my last picture just before some security dude threatened to kick me out for taking photos. grrr....

so i found some pictures on brooklyn vegan from the goldfrapp concert in december 2005 at he nokia theater.

the dancers were great! the costumes were exactly the same, so i guess my photos would have been pretty much the same as well!

courtesy of brooklyn vegan

courtesy of brooklyn vegan

the wolves were the first dancers of the evening.

courtesy of brooklyn vegan.

ride a white horse.

love love! so much fun! and can you believe she did a double encore! the night ended with strict machine.

some post-concert photos ...

i was trying to do the goldfrapp, "i'm blowing in the wind" pose with my arm, though i looked more like a cheerleader or something.

jeez molls, who brings a bag that big to a concert!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

attention: annoying tourists!

found posted to the door at 575 Broadway

yeah! way to tell 'em!

i work in on broadway between houston and prince, and people, mostly europeans are always coming into the store, asking about the guggenheim and wondering where it went. sorry, but it was replaced by prada, american eagle, aldo, nine west, verizon, and esprit.

and to these "travel advisors", please update your sites:


Friday, May 12, 2006

you have nothing better to do?

as i was walking out of the pacific street train station in brooklyn on friday, i oversaw two cops giving a woman a ticket for bringing her dog on the subway!

now the dog was tiny! looked pretty much like this:

was it really that serious for the cops to be stressing over some little lap dog? i don't think so! one cop was writing the ticket out and the other was using an MTA rules and regulations pamphlet to point out exactly what the dog owner was doing wrong.

this just made me so mad! i take millie on the subways sometimes and david is always on the subway and LIRR with tut.

relaxing on the LIRR on the way to david's

i looked up the rules and regulations for myself!

section 1050.9
H. 1. No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.

first of all, what the hell is a "container"? should you put your dog in tupperware??
whatever. i am going to continue to brings mills on the train, tucked away in her ikea canvas bag!

this was after a long walk along the hudson.

anyways, she acts better on the subway that a majority of the normal passengers:

  • she doesn't talk really loud and bother people

  • she doesn't eat stinky chinese food or chicken wings and then leave the nasty containers under the seat or eat nuts and drops the shells all over the floor.

  • she doesn't stink up entire subway cars with the worst body odor ever so that they are completely unusable, making people flee to another car at the next stop.

  • i think the people who actually do all of the above things are actually the ones who "annoy other passengers."

    that being said, i think that dog's are probably the model subway passenger!

    read about other people's tips and "tails" about bringing dogs on the subway here on the urban hound!

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    big slack attack!!

    ohhh, yeahhh ....

    i haven't been keeping up very well with the ol' blog lately! it's just not like me!

    fear not! read below, as i have returned!!!

    a resolution!

    about a month ago, i did a post about how my friends and i had a coughing fit and started feeling sick while eating at pizza bar.

    i neglected to say in the post that i actually called 311 when i got home to report the problem. i kinda felt bad calling in for a health inspection because i like pizza bar and don't really want to get them in trouble, but that night, we all thought we were being poisoned and i just wanted to protect the innocent!

    so yes, i called 311, told them what happened and they said they would send me a copy of the results of the investigation in the mail in about a month.

    i actually forgot about the whole thing ... and have been craving a cheeseburger pizza!

    i was a little surprised to get this in the mail yesterday:

    a letter from the new york city dept of heath; environmental investigations.

    apparently they are the group that performs indoor air quality assessments, eg - carbon monoxide poisoning?????

    so were we poisoned? will there be a lawsuit? maybe some big bucks for me?! shit, i kinda liked their pizza!

    here were their findings:

    basically, what happened is that they went to pizza bar on may 5th (nearly a month later!! to do an investigation. they talked to the manager who stated there was a problem in the restaurant 3-4 weeks ago where customers were coughing and the place had to be evacuated.
    note: we were never told to evacuate the bar, we left when we realized we were just about the only people there and everyone else was outside.
    apparently the fire department did respond that night. the fire dept discovered that the old homestead steakhouse, next door, released a pesticide bomb, which made its way into pizza bar.

    the inspectors still checked for carbon monoxide and found nothing. no further action was needed.

    well, those were good results:
  • i was poisoned by pesticides rather than carbon monoxide

  • i'm sure there are no bugs in pizza bar as well as homestead now.

  • i can still go back and eat their fancy pizzas!!!
  • Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    awesome computer review weekly journal.

    my new, favorite commercials!

    apple just came out with a new ad campaign called "get a mac". watch them here!

    i love it! it reminds me of the "pc v. mac" conversations that my dad and i often have. my dad always says that my imac probably has viruses and spywear, my mac friends just laugh at that. he likes to refer to my computer as "mac-n-trash"!!! ha ha! my dad's a jokester! (you know i love ya!)

    but come on, the mac guy is just cooler! just a young, hip, dude, hanging out in ... i dunno ... brooklyn! more my style than the close-minded, stuffy, pc guy!

    great marketing!
    i'll buy another!

    .... umm, hey dad, my birthday is coming up soon .... you should get me yourself one!

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    spring break 2006: day 7

    saturday was packed with fun, kiddies!

    kelly kicked off the summer with a bbq on her deck!
    guacamolly, veggies, and champagne! yum!

    (opps! no pictures!)

    dez and i then rushed over to cbgb's to catch the pretty boys concert!!!
    we made in in plenty of time! whew!

    when we got there, goddes & she were performing.

    hmmm .. the best way to describe them would be "lesbian-eminem". ok, that might sound bad. but they were actually pretty good!

    now, we were carded when we got in. how did the 12 year old get in?!? but don't worry, he looked a little uncomfortable and left when goddes started singing "lick it"!

    fixer was up next. these guys were hard core!

    time for pretty boys!! yay! i rushed to the front of the stage! i absolutely love these girls! they rock out so hard yet remain fabulous!!!

    now i took a ton of photos at this show! i tried to scale it down here, but check 'em all out at my flickr page!


    hopey rocks!


    i love this photo!

    goddes got on stage and sang along!

    love, love!!

    and everyone shook their asses to "hello, bonjour!"

    too much fun! i wasn't ready to call it a night, so dez and i jumped in a cab and headed to misshapes!!

    too cool with the lohan "peace out!" sign!

    this one goes out to anita! the "clap"!!
    but - ew! look (or don't look!) at my hands! battle wounds from several nights out - stamps from multiple clubs all over my hand!

    oh, i can't wait to read about this guy in blue states lose on friday! quite possible a #1!

    aww, look! it's breno!

    the breno "whatever!" pose!
    dude, next time i want the hook-up on the sparks!!! i know i'm not your boss, but i am your elder!!!

    fun times, fun times!

    now i'm ready to call it a night!

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