Sunday, April 08, 2007

celebrations and memories.

happy easter, everyone!

<span class=
here i am making easter eggs back in '85! cool multi-colored sweatshirt!

i hope you all have a great day, eating the best holiday candy there is (peeps, jellybeans, and chocolate!) and spending the day with those you love.

it isn't the best easter for me, though. my grandmother passed away early this morning. i will miss her dearly.

grandma 1983
(here is grandma, i think in 1983.)

my grandma and i were similar in many ways: she loved to shop and loved clothes!
one of my memories is when she took me to neiman marcus to go shopping when i was in junior high. i was only interested in finding liz claiborne purses and units! (remember wearing units, those multi purpose, belt-y outfits!!!) then we would eat in their tea room.

big difference: she hated taking pictures! i don't have a lot of pictures of her because of that. she sure wouldn't have been a blogger!

i'll miss you, grandma!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

back track.

since i have admittedly been a bad blogger, there were some events that i thought were blog worthy that i never shared. one in particular was st patrick's day!
i was excited about st patrick's day this year, particularly since i am dating an irish guy and we live in irish neighborhood. i figured i would get the true experience!
all of the festivities occurred on mclean avenue in yonkers, an area with a high irish population . there are tons of irish pubs, resturants, and shops throughout the avenue.
the guys started the day much earlier than i could. they hit rory dolans around 11-12 am! i just can't physically do that! "ms-no-tolerance" here! so i caught up with them around 9 at night.

now, i always believe that every good party has an even better prop. and thanks to my mom, we had the prop of the night ... a green mullet wig!

here shane shows off the mullet in a little pre-party red neck pose, trashing the house with our furniture! (don't worry, no furniture was really harmed in photo.)

once we arrive at mc gilligan's, i immediately put on the mullet. i think i could pull this look off!

then the mullet was passed around. everyone had that hair on their head:






random guy #1.

random guy #2.

random guy #3.

surprisingly, the mullet looked pretty natural on everyone!

needless to say, i don't think i will be putting that on my head again any time soon!

good luck!


still suffering.

as i told you all a couple days ago, i have been suffering from a nasty cold or virus or something.
it's friday and i am still sick! ugh. why won't this go away! i have not been sick like this for quite a while!

go to the doctor! you all are probably shouting. i did. and let me tell you about that ...

since i still don't have a primary care doctor with my (not so new now) insurance, i had to go to the horrid DOCS - a walk in facility that takes almost any insurance. i have told you about this place before and i swore that i would never go back. but it was my only choice since i couldn't get an appointment from any recommended doctors. it was worse this time. i waited over an hour in the nasty waiting room to be seen. when i was finally called to the room, this horrible assistant took my temperature and blood pressure. now, this was the day that i couldn't speak at all. i completely lost my voice at this point. so he proceeds to ask what is wrong. i start to tell him that i lost my voice and my throat really hurts ... but he cuts me off, all irritated and asks how this all began. so once again i start to tell him how i felt last week, but he stops me mid sentence, and says, " but what is wrong now!" jesus! was i not trying to tell you!! so i force the words out again. but he just puts down my chart and tells me to wait for the doctor. a- hole!
alas, here he comes! mister homeless, hole-in-the-shoe doctor! now, aren't doctors supposed to make money? i mean come on! i'm sure this guy makes at least as much or a little more than i do. and if my shoe had a huge hole in it from wear and tear, i could at least afford to by a new pair, even if it was from payless! whoa!
so without even barely talking to me for a minute, he determines that i have laryngitis. which just means you can't talk and have a sore throat. he prescribed me some antibiotics and advised me not to talk for 2 days. uh, ok! that's it?
so i still went to work the next day, trying not to talk, but that is difficult when you deal with customers! last night i went downhill again! i got a massive headache! it was so bad that i was feeling nauseous! the hand full of advil didn't help at all. all i wanted to do was sleep.

so sleep i did. all day today! until about 2:30! still don't feel 100%. and i still have to work tomorrow.

if anyone has any miraculous home remedies, please send them my way!

*cough* *sniff* *cough*



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

spring fever. pt 2.


The thing that I hate about spring is the horrid spring cold. Everyone was sick at work the past 2 weeks, coughing and 101+ fevers. I thought I would sneak by but it cought me. First a little sore throat then it started to go away. Then BAM on Sunday it hit me! I could barely talk my throat hurt so bad! I stayed home from work yesterday. My job involves a lot of talking and dealing with customers. Figured it was for the good of New York.

Thanks to shane and his Irish cup o' soup for getting me by!

Yum! *cough* ugh.

spring fever.

friends, i know i have been a bad blogger lately. actually, i have not been a blogger at all! my last post was nearly a month ago! (but you all have been bad readers too! no one hooked me up with any girlscout cookies!!! wtf?!?!)
well, a lot has been going on in the past month. most importantly, spring is in the air. and when i have not been working, or sleeping due to crazy hours at work, i had been trying to soak in a little bit of nice weather that has come and gone the past few weeks.
it started with daylight savings time. i love winter and snowy days. i didn't think i would get all that excited for daylight savings time this year! but for some reason, that sunshine that was still there when i would leave work, or rising on my way to work in the early mornings made such a difference! it really does revitalize you and make you want to be a little more productive when you get home or at least leave your job! i did hate loosing an hour of sleep though, considering sleeping is my favorite past time. i look forward to the days getting even longer and after work activities beginning!

also earlier this month, we got our first really warm days! they were nice warm and breezy days and you could feel the spring in the air! it was so exhilarating!! i absolutely love sleeping with my window open on those spring nights and a light breezes blows over you. it feels wonderful and refreshing!

spring is all about rebirth and new beginnings. i think this is when my resolutions really are created, rather than at the new year. it seems to make more sense to make a fresh start when world around us is blooming and also making a fresh start. but i won't talk about resolutions now.
there is one thing i needed to kick off my spring: new scents!
i needed a candle that smelled fresh and new!

and i found it at anthropologie. a lovely lilac scent. voluspa candles are so fragrant and long lasting. and it is even in this beautiful magenta and gold tin!

the other thing i had been on the hunt for was a new fragrance for me. i also wanted something light and fresh. i had been searching and searching. every time i would go and smell something, there was no connection. fragrances are so personal and you have to love what you wear. i kind of compare looking for a fragrance to looking for a boyfriend (or girlfriends, i suppose!) you never find one when you are looking - you will find the perfect one when you least expect it!
that is how i discovered my new favorite scent!

kai. mmmmm.... it is a light and sexy gardenia scent. i can't get enough of it! apparently it is pretty "sought after" and i just stumbled upon it while strolling through the W Hotel Store!

so continuing with the newness theme, i decided to try something new in the kitchen. i am not much of a cook at all, so anything is quite a deal for me! i picked up this amazing cookbook about eggs at anthropologie. yep, eggs! it is beautiful! i love all of the photos. i was inspired to cook up some breakfast!

and so i made my first attempt. poached eggs. i always wondered how eggs benedict were made. and the pictures made it look so fun. the white blogs, floating around in the water. so here is how mine turned out ...

two pretty little eggs.

oops, the yoke of my first egg broke and made a mess!
the second was unharmed.

voila! i made a little sandwich!
doesn't look all that appetizing but it was actually pretty good!

and to conclude the springy freshness theme - and also, it has been a while since you have had a little mills in your life - someone needed a bath! sure, she hates it, but she was beginning to live up to her new occasional nickname, TakeOut. sometimes when you smell millie really close, she has a slight odor of old mexican or chinese takeout food! yuck! time for a bath, mills!

my little mummy!
she is all wrapped up in her towel after the horrid bath.
she actually sat like that for quite a while! no more takeout!!

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